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Modular Cabin

For those who wonder what a Modular Cabin is

The modular cabin, which has been widely used in many areas, especially in guard cabin in recent years, is among the building models that are curious. The main reason for naming the building model with the modular cabin name is a description of the production system. The modular cabin is manufactured in a modern production system as a result of the walls and roofs being prepared in the form of panels, and then assembling them on the assembly line. Since Karmod cabin is produced in alternative models, it has panel production in two systems in general.

The first of these is the CPT polyester cabin model, it has many advantages as well as superiorities. CPT cabin panels are produced using the best raw materials and insulation materials on a modern line. Molds specially prepared according to the size of the building form the first preparation before production. Modular cabin panels with CTP system are produced in widths of 150, 215, 270 and 390, and their standard height is 245 cm. Dimensions such as 150x150, 215x215, 270x270 on the roof have a single piece of panel. By using standard size wall and roof panels, structures ranging from three m2 to 50 m2 can be produced in the CPT polyester cabin.

During the production phase, the molds are taken to the modern production line and panel production is started. Polyester, gelcoat and glass fiber are used in the panel production of the CTP modular cabin model. In the insulation between panels, polyurethane with high insulation is applied. While polyester and glass fiber laying increases the structural strength to the best level, gelcoat contributes to the smooth surface gloss. Polyurethane injection in production between each panel saves energy in use of the modular cabin. Raw material usage rate, density and balanced distribution in every area of ​​the mold are very important at every stage of production. Since Karmod cabin panels are produced in a specially developed automation band system, the best raw material distribution has been achieved. Possible errors are completely avoided with quality control stages. After the process of the panels on the production line is completed, they are taken to the specially prepared heat treatment furnace at the last stage. Furnace and heat treatment time is very important in panel production. The reactions of the raw materials used in the special furnace with full timing are reset and the structure is made long-lasting by preventing possible collapses after production.

In Karmod's panel system modular cabin model, the wall panels are prepared with a sandwich panel system. 4 cm thick EPS insulation material is used between these panels, where special painted sheet metal is used inside and outside. With the panel cabin model, production is carried out from 135x135 guard cabins to office buildings up to 240x400 cm. Construction safety is ensured in all modular cabin models of nearly 50 different sizes, produced with Karmod quality. The system, which provides long-lasting use, building safety, impermeability, and high insulation energy savings, is reflected in the Karmod modular cabins prices as an advantage.

Modular Cabin wherever you want

Alternative building solutions, from two square meters of guard cabins to office structures of fifty square meters, are available wherever you want with modular cabins. From security to sales kiosks, from office to WC-shower units and even to residential use, the advantage of practical construction is in the modular cabin model. It is produced in a short time with its superiorities and standard production with projects, and it is ready for your use the day it arrives at your door. Leave behind struggling to draw a project, running for a building permit, wasting time with the construction phases. Prefab modular cabin prices will be very attractive to you and will please you. Buy it, use it now, change places whenever you want.

Where Modular Cabins are most preferred

The modular cabin is used for many different purposes around the world. Guard huts and sales kiosks are among the most preferred places of use in Turkiye. It is preferred as a security cabin in many areas such as factories, shopping malls, management offices, holding centers, embassies and public buildings. Karmod modular cabin is preferred for its many advantages such as stylish design, durability, interior ergonomics with detailed solutions, and superior insulation. The security personnel working in the guard cabin especially prefer Karmod branded buildings. Because the security personnel working in difficult conditions are very peaceful in the Karmod cabin in the coldest nights of winter and the scorching heat of summer. With its superior insulation and interior comfort, security workers find the comfort of their homes in this cabin.

Another area of ​​use where the modular cabin model is highly preferred is sales kiosks. The use of the cabin is quite intense, especially at the public sale points. Practical opening sales glass that facilitates the sale of bread, product stacking shelves, and taking up very little space are great advantages. One important advantage is that the buffet cabin is shipped ready for sale. It is ready for sale as soon as it is downloaded instead of the day it is shipped. Roller store and office use are also among the places where modular cabins are highly preferred. You can find practical solutions to your building needs by owning this innovative structure, which is used in many areas, at attractive modular cabin prices.