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Security Hut

Leave the problems behind with the right choice of security cabin

The world is developing and the areas of need are expanding. As in everything else, security areas are increasing day by day. Security jobs that were previously carried out by public forces such as police and gendarmerie from certain centers are now provided by private security teams in many areas. The security of many areas such as shopping centers, private management centers and holdings is carried out under the control of private security teams. In fact, private security teams serve in public service buildings such as justice palaces.

The Security Cabin is the biggest assistant of the personnel in the performance of their duties. At the time of duty, almost all of his work is spent in this cabin. It is almost like a house, a guard cabin for the security guard. It establishes an internal order according to its own working system, takes observation notes and prepares reports. There are many different ways to increase the satisfaction and productivity of the staff, regardless of their field of duty. Among these, as mentioned above, you can leave their important problems behind by buying the right security cabin, because it almost becomes their second home. What a security officer most desires is that the cabin he will use at his place of duty is a problem-free structure. Because they have accumulated a large number of problems that they have experienced from their past experiences. They don't forget that they can't feel their hands in cold weather, they sweat as if they are cooking in hot weather, and the water drips from the roof in the rain. How can they forget all the negativity they've been through? Their work becomes difficult, they become unable to work due to negativities, but they work selflessly without anyone's knowledge.

Get the best for security personnel and leave their problems behind by choosing Karmod security cabin. Let them work with the best performance by focusing on their work 24/7. You sleep comfortably at home. Karmod cabin will please your security personnel with its modern design, long-lasting construction system, full tightness and high insulation.

Turkey's most preferred Security Cabin

The structures produced under the expertise of Karmod, the leading brand with its quality superiorities and product diversity, are Turkey's most preferred security cabins. With its widespread use, Karmod labeled products appear everywhere. You can see it in front of a shopping mall, in a housing estate, in front of a hotel, in front of a school or at the police checkpoint everywhere. It is no coincidence that Karmod products are the most preferred by customers, and there are undoubtedly important reasons. The brand develops and produces safety buildings that are most compatible with the modern architectural concept. Their innovations are followed not only by their customers but also by the companies in the sector. Karmod security cabins have advantages in terms of design superiority, construction quality, indoor comfort and energy saving.

The Karmod CPT polyester cabin, security cabins, panel cabin, precast cabin and metropol cabin are produced in four different models. With its dimensions, the product presentation of the brand is close to 50. Each one is prepared with standard production and is made ready for shipment shortly after the order. Security cabins are brought to your door with Karmod vehicles without paying additional shipping costs in Istanbul. You can put it into service immediately with its ready-to-use concept as soon as it arrives. Along with Istanbul, Ankara, Antalya and Bursa are among the provinces where Karmod has sales offices.

The security cabins produced with the polyester cabin model are prepared in many different sizes, from a single unit to 48 m2. The most frequently asked cabin model for single security cabin prices is 150x150 cm guard cabin. It is also the most economical product of the model with its small size. The Karmod polyester cabinet, produced with CPT technology, provides energy savings with its high insulation along with its long-lasting durability. It adds vitality to the place where it is placed with its white glossy surface. It facilitates the duties of security guards with its special windows on three facades. Window glasses are tempered glass and the system used in automotives is especially preferred. It does not harm the staff in case of possible breakage. Full sealing is ensured with glass wicks. With the polyurethane raw material injected between the panels in production, the wall and roof panels have been made highly insulated. Security cabin heating is performed with minimum energy use even on the coldest days, saving energy budget. The difference is immediately felt as you use it. Those who prefer Karmod products enjoy the advantage of earning as they use them at security cabin prices.

The same superiority and advantages continue in panel cabin security huts. With its structure-specific sandwich panels, the Karmod panel cabin has high insulation. Special painted sheet metal is preferred inside and outside the panels. The carrier poles are prepared with the use of stainless galvanized sheet and are distinguished from their counterparts with their special non-wearing paint. The special size of this model for single personnel use is 135x135 cm. The largest dimension of the panel cabinet, 240x400 cm, is demanded for different office preferences as well as security.

The precast cabin security cabin is offered with innovations of Karmod quality in two different sizes as 150x150 and 150x270. Special production can also be made for the preferences of this model bulletproof armored watch hut. It is integrated with the comfort of the building at a high level with the use of smoked reflective insulating glass, together with its anthracite colored aluminum doors and windows. This product, which has a special design concept, is preferred in security points such as luxury housing estates, consulate and embassy buildings, governorships, and private schools.

Metropol security cabin is also among the security building solutions specially designed by Karmod. It is the special structure preference of the brands that want to integrate the security cabin with their corporate identity, such as the headquarters buildings of the holding. It is offered ready for use with special productions in 150x150 and 300x700 size ranges, depending on the person to use it and the size of the place where it will be placed. The glass wool insulation application on the metal carrier carcasses surrounding the entire building is beautified with stone pattern coatings on the outside. With its special pediment, extra comfort has been added to the structure.

Based on the ready-to-use concept presentation in all models, Karmod security cabins add quality and add value to the place they are placed with their aesthetics. It comes ready to your door with its wall and roof, door and window, electricity and water installations. You can make it available to your staff as soon as it is downloaded to the location you show. The electrical installation system in each model of Karmod security buildings has a special project and has been tested by completely preventing possible risks in quality-controlled production. Viko brand is preferred for fuses, sockets and switches. In the lighting fixtures, special equipment was preferred for the interior and it has the best ambient lighting. In order to provide electricity to the security cabin immediately, it will be sufficient for your electrician to connect the cables in the special junction box located behind the building to the main current line.

Waste and clean water installations in secure WC cabins with toilet units have a special project. After the applications are passed through the production quality control stages, they are completed with tests. In the units, floor stones or toilet bowls are used in the desired alternative according to the customer's preference. Waste and clean water outlets are taken out of the building from the back and become ready for use immediately after the mains connections are made.

What should be considered in security cabin prices

You should definitely inquire about the product features in order to get the real advantage in the security cabins prices, where there are different models of production. Some prices you see on the internet or ask over the phone can be misleading. For this reason, you can be sure that you get the right product at the best price with simple questions. The life of the structure in security cabins is the first thing you should ask. Choosing long-lasting, durable structures opens the way for you to have a safe cabin that you can use for many years. Another important issue is building insulation. Non-insulated security cabins will cause you damage as you use them. Sometimes the air conditioning energy consumption that you spend in one year of use can even exceed the price you pay for the structure. Buying a cabin with high energy efficiency will be reflected in the security cabin prices, which will save you as your personal use. Every month, your energy expenses will decrease and your budget will be relieved. Remember, if you couldn't choose the right product in the security booth, it means you didn't calculate what it would cost you as you use it. The right choice always wins.