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Mobo Cabin

The Mobo cabin system, introduced by the modular construction industry, stands out with its ready-made construction system. Small cabin structures with their modular combination feature are called Mobo. During production, wall panels and roof panels are prepared separately and brought together during assembly and the Mobo cabin is revealed. This modular combination feature revealed the mobo name and added cuteness to the structure. The partial production of cabinet panels has a huge advantage for this small but functional building model. The wall panels were prepared in pieces and the use of huge bulky molds during production was terminated. At the same time, it has succeeded in keeping the wall panels in a smaller heat treatment area when firing is required compared to the mobo model. In this way, the area occupied by the furnace in the production area and the price cost of the heat treatment furnace are minimized.

Another advantage of the pieced panel system is that the mobo buildings is it can be easily assembled and prepared at the installation site. At the same time, it reduced the stock costs and helped the lean production system to operate in the healthiest way. We can exemplify this advantage of producing the panel dimensions in pieces as follows. 150x150 polyester cabin can be assembled in minutes using 4 walls and 1 roof panel. To prepare the mobo cabin to a greater extent, these standard segmented panels are produced by combining them. For example, in order to prepare a 390-width cabin, one 150 panel and one 220 panel can be easily prepared. Likewise, the widest cabins with a width of 1230 cm are prepared by combining them on the assembly line in a short time with this combination system.

By combining the panels, you do not have to produce special panels for each plan width. Nearly thirty different sizes of security mobos can be prepared with standardized wall panels of 5-6 sizes. Only 5-6 panels are stocked, and production is carried out without wastage by bringing together as many panels as possible during assembly. This situation also has a positive advantage for mobo prices. The cabin in the desired size and plan is assembled in a short time with the use of standard panels. Mobo prices, which are prepared and delivered immediately from stock, save budget for those who prefer.

Mobo cabin, buildings ready all the time

Do you need a security booth, do you want to open a bakery kiosk or want to bring your club branded products to your fans? Whatever your modular buildings need Mobo cabin is always with you with its ready concept. With our expertise in the ready-made cabin sector, we produce special mobo buildings for different usage areas in sizes up to fifty square meters. Karmod is the leader in modular cabins with both size and model variety. We produce ready-to-use mobo models such as 135x135, 150x150, 300x700, 390x1210 with Karmod brand assurance. The products we work with in stock as a standard are mostly on the way for the use of our customers on the day of order. Your structure is easily lowered by bringing it as close to the point where the vehicle can go. You can start using it as soon as it arrives at your door. A small note, do not forget to connect the junction box behind the cabin to your main electrical system in order to activate the electricity of your structure.

Realize your sales kiosk dream now with Mobo

Mobo cabin sales kiosk is always ready and by your side to realize your business dream. With the advantage of the structure that can be put into service on the same day, you can start earning right away with the Karmod buffet cabin. Long construction processes, as in other building models, without having to deal with different masters. Moreover, it is your own property, not rent. when you wish you can move your buffet to other places without being deformed. It is very practical to prepare your workplace in a mini market, newsstand, tea shop, greengrocer, tailor or any other business with the Karmod cabin. For this reason, many entrepreneurs all over Türkiye prefer the Mobo cabin and say hello to business life. No one thinks about paying rent because they own their own business. Open your own business now with very economical and attractive mobo prices and start earning.

What determines mobo prices

First of all, we would like to point out that Mobo prices have the most attractive price when all building groups are evaluated. We will try to give some important tips so that you can choose the right mobo. First of all, the most important thing you should pay attention to when choosing a mobo is to choose a reliable brand that is an expert in the business. In fact, this criterion is an important rule of thumb for all purchases. As in every sector, there are many large and small companies in the cabin production sector. You may encounter potential problems when you buy mobo from so-called low-key companies or people. In the simplest form, the problems you will experience in the air conditioning of the cabin. You cannot heat the cabin in winter. You don't want to go inside from the freezing cold. In the hottest days of summer, it is not possible to enter the cabin from the scorching heat. This seemingly simple problem is actually the insulation problem caused by the use of cheap materials in production. Deceived by the cheap mobo price, you have actually become unable to use the product you bought without looking at its quality. The product does not fulfill its function. What could be a bigger problem than that? The budget you pay, which you think is cheap, can be completely wasted with this choice. Since air conditioning devices such as air conditioners will have to work continuously in summer and winter, you should also take into account the energy going into the air.

Another basic problem that products that seem economical can cause you is leakage. Mobo prices can leak rainwater from a cabin roof, window edges or panel junction areas that you bought because it is very cheap. Because there is no insulation application on the roof. The necessary water drainage problem has not been resolved. Or, the necessary gaskets may not be used for the window panel joints. The sealing lock system in the panel joints may not be solved.

In order to avoid all these problems, it is still possible to catch a really economical mobo price by choosing a good brand. With its expertise in the sector since 1986, Karmod is the world leader in mobo cabin production. Its structures are safely used in many countries of the world, from England to the USA, from New Zealand to Nigeria, from Ruya to Mauritania.

Karmod cabin, with its long-lasting usage advantage and high insulation, not only when purchasing, but also as you use it. Karmod wants our personnel structures using security Mobos by name. High insulation is the most important advantage in all our models that we produce. In polyester cabin products, the polyurethane filler injected between the polyester, gelcoat and glass fiber laying has the highest insulation. With the special firing system, the strength of the panel increases and a glossy surface is obtained. Odor-free indoor environment in Karmod security mobo. The same insulation superiority continues in panel cabinets. With eps filling between special sheet plates, 4 cm wall thickness is in Karmod panel cabin. Window glasses have a sealed gasket system. Aesthetics, modern architectural harmony, long life and high insulation advantages are all together in Metropol and precast cabin models.

All of the Karmod mobo cabin buildings, where all these superiorities are gathered together, gain as you use them. With the Karmod cabin choice, you will gain not only when you buy it, but also when you use it. Take control of your energy expenses and save money. With its high insulation, the Karmod cabin prepares a warm interior on the coldest days of winter. In the scorching heat of summer, air conditioning, etc. Air conditioning with devices is carried out in a very practical way with the least energy use. It saves up to sixty percent in energy expenditures every month. With its long-lasting use, you buy it once and use it safely for years. While your personnel using security mobos are comfortable all four seasons, you also earn not once, but constantly with mobo prices.