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Wc - Shower Cabins

WC - Shower cabins, which are special for mobile toilet needs, are among the most preferred structures in recent years with their ready-to-use presentation. As soon as it is shipped, it can be placed in the place of use and put into service immediately. In this respect, it offers a very practical WC – shower solution. The portable toilet cabin is delivered with installations for waste and clean water, all fixtures such as faucet toilet unit and reservoir assembled also are ready for use. All you have to do is to connect the clean water installation, which is prepared with everything, to the mains through the connection union taken out of the ready toilet cabin. In the same way, connecting the main drain pipe, which was taken out of the waste WC and shower, to the sewer line. After these processes, the wc – shower cabin is ready for your use.

Ready to use Wc – Shower cabins

If your place of use does not have a central water network and sewer line, there is a solution for this. The polyethylene mobile toilet also provides a solution to this problem with the clean water tank located on the structure and the septic tank located at the bottom. Clean water can be added, and the wastes accumulated in the tank can be easily removed with vacuum machines.

Karmod Wc – shower cabin produced with every detail in mind. For portable toilet units, you can choose Turkish style floor stone or European style WC pan models. You can also choose a cabin with a portable shower unit. In single WC - shower models, standard production is made depending on your choice of these three separate units. As an optional application, the units can be fitted with a urinal. Again, disabled WC cabins are produced for disabled use. In order to facilitate the use of this cabin, a wide and movable door, a ramp for the disabled, a handrail for the disabled and its special unit are ready at international standards.

Double or multiple wc - shower cabin units are produced with different unit applications according to floor stone, toilet or shower preferences. When the construction site mobile toilet cabins are desired, a shower fixture can be added to the floor stone model at the same time, allowing functional use.

Portable Toilet Cabin in the park, square, garden, factory

It is preferred in many areas with its ready-to-use WC - shower practicality. Parks, lively city squares, private gardens, recreation areas and factories are among the most preferred usage points of mobile toilet cabins. The ready-made toilet, produced with Karmod quality, adapts to the place where it is placed with its long-lasting use and its modern architectural appearance. With this aspect, the mobile toilet cabin brings an important solution in places such as parks and gardens and recreation areas where the public gathers intensively.

Again, in factories and industrial facilities where many people work, it contributes fully to the solution of the problem of ready-to-use toilets in cases where WC - shower areas are not sufficient. With the unit size that takes up very little space, standard production toilet cabins can be produced from single units to 7 units. By arranging multiple units side by side or facing each other, the mobile toilet can be put into service permanently. In these units, besides floor stone, toilet, shower and urinal units, according to the needs, disabled toilet unit placement can be applied. In multi WC-shower buildings, the washbasins can be collected in the entrance section of the building and can be used with separate doors after the main entrance to the units. In these models, the building usage comfort is increased even more.

Another important point of use that the mobile toilet cabin brings a solution is that it is located in the construction site building group. The most practical WC – shower solution in mobile toilet construction sites from shopping malls to branded housing projects, from road construction to airport constructions, from energy to mining.

4 different Wc – Shower Cabin models for different uses

Karmod, the leading manufacturer of the sector, introduces 4 different WC - Shower Cabin models, each of which is unique to the consumer. All of these cabinets have a ready-to-use presentation concept. It is also worth emphasizing that each model has a WC-shower solution in its own product group, starting with a single unit and in multiple units. When all the plans of the four models are included, Karmod has 10 types of mobile toilet cabin production. Moreover, all of these models are produced accomplishing the standards. Some wc – shower cabins are usually shipped from stock at the time of order and offered to customers on the same day.

Polyester Toilet Cabinet with CTP system

The polyester toilet cabin, which is one of the best sellers among Karmod's wc-shower productions, is produced with CTP technology. Production is carried out in the quality control system at the brand's modern CTP production facilities in Tuzla, Istanbul. This portable toilet cabin, produced with every detail in mind, from electrical and water installations to fixtures and accessories, is offered for sale ready to use.

The single unit of the portable toilet cabin, produced with the polyester cabin model, has the dimensions of 150x150 cm. It provides practical use wherever it is placed with its size that takes up the least space. In this cabin model, standard production is made in double, triple and quadruple units with ready-made toilet cabins. Stocked wc - shower cabins can be delivered on the same day after sales. When the customer prefers a polyester toilet cabin in 5 or more units in the same structure the modular structure can be delivered and installed at the place of use. All units together with the wall and roof panels are shipped in disassembled condition. Once installed by Karmod experts, it can be put into service as a ready-to-use WC - shower. In the units of this model, applications can be made in the use of desired number of floor stones, toilet bowls, shower cabins and disabled toilets. There are also security WC cabin models with guard cabins in the CTP polyester cabin.

The most demanded mobile toilet model Panel Cabin

Another highly demanded wc-shower model of Karmod is the mobile toilet cabins produced with the panel cabin model. Like the CTP cabinet, the panel cabinet model also has a long-lasting construction model. The fact that these products are called portable or mobile wc is due to the fact that they meet the customers in a completely ready-to-use concept. Otherwise, these structures are in the long-lasting class in terms of use. Moreover, the unit has the same features as the toilet in a modern house with its comfort. Since each product is ready for use, from units to armatures, from electricity to water installations, it is called portable wc in the public.

Ready-to-use toilet cabins with panel system stand out with sandwich panel wall and roof comfort. By placing EPS insulation material between the special oven-painted stainless sheet panels, the structure rises to good insulation performance. It is especially preferred as a long-lasting WC - shower solution by those who know the building model with its full impermeability and rotting feature. The single-unit structure in the panel cabin model is a 135x135 toilet cabin, which takes up very little space and adds quality. Apart from the panel cabin, there is a double, triple and quadruple toilet cabin presentation as standard. Units can also be prepared in floor stone and toilet models upon request. Mobile shower cabins also attract attention in construction sites and social facilities. We can recommend this product with attractive mobile toilet prices to those who want to buy a product. There are also security WC cabin models with guard cabin in the panel cabin.

Mobile Toilet make life easier now

Another WC - shower cabin model of Karmod is the mobile toilet. Karmod takes its production in its modern facilities from polyethylene resistant raw material with rotation technology. The mobile wc and shower cabin fit everywhere with its 115x115 cm size. With its 180 liter clean water tank and 150 liter waste water tank, it makes life easier in places where mobile toilet networks are not available. With its large internal volume and its ergonomic use, it brings comfort to WC-shower structures. Karmod mobile toilet is ready to make life easier with its toilet bowl, ground stone, portable shower unit alternative and all its accessories, including towel holder and mirror.

Karmod Metropol WC – Shower comfort is worth everything

Karmod Metropol quality befits the WC - shower units needed in public gardens and city parks, and its comfort is worth everything. Karmod Metropol WC cabin adds value with its comfort and quality wherever it is placed. It brings project harmony with the security toilet cabin model to brand projects in brand housing estates and private luxury office concept. It beautifies the place where it is placed with its modern architectural harmony and dazzles with its aesthetics.

Discover the economy with ready-made toilet prices

Explore the economy by examining the ready-to-use toilets prices in long-lasting safe use. Mobile toilet is ready for use from electrical installation to water installation. With the advantage of not requiring a construction worker and a master, WC cabin prices save from the construction finance budget. When you try to prepare the toilet cabin with the classical method, you need many masters such as masons, plasterers, concrete workers, electricians and waterers. With its ready-made concept that does not require a master, mobile toilet prices will also save you. Discover the portable WC cabinets prices now, with the superiority of insulation that saves energy as you use it.

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