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Office Cabin

You can open your workplace wherever you want with the ready concept office cabin without being tied to multi-storey buildings. Whether you want ten square meters or 50 m2, prefab long-lasting luxury office buildings. Your business will be easier and your trade will grow freely. You will save yourself and your employees from being imprisoned in narrow office environments compressed into gigantic buildings. You will move forward by determining your own route in your independent office, not by the limiting rules drawn by others.

Pleasant Wide Cabin offices are waiting for you

Wide cabin offices are waiting for you, each of which prepares the working environments with maximum comfort. Special cabins for office buildings, produced with Karmod's expertise, bring spaciousness to the interior with special wall panels that add insulated width. Office cabins do not need the obligatory vertical beam and horizontal beam applications which are used in classical architecture. This advantage is reflected in the interior design with the maximum width of comfort.

Ready concept for Office Cabins

Private offices up to 100 m2 in standard size of 3x7 meters or combined depending on the size of your business. Standard size Metropol office cabins are shipped from the factory ready for your use. You can put it into service by opening it as soon as you get off the vehicle at your place of use. Larger size offices are prepared with pre-production systems at the factory, and are ready for your use by combining them in a short time by Karmod teams. We are planning the organization for the installation of our combined office buildings. Our assembly teams are ready on site on the day the structure is shipped. Combined single-storey offices are assembled on the same day and double-storey offices are delivered ready for your use on the second day.

Your office is private for you, whether it is a single room or a partitioned office.

You can choose the plan of our Metropol office cabin buildings with special partitions for your business. Special for your business, if you want a large use, in a single hall or room-divided plan, special according to your choice. We recommend that you examine the plans with WC cabin unit and separate kitchen model. The kitchen can be prepared by allocating space in a corner in the American style main hall. In the toilet cabin models, the choice of interior unit is still up to you. You can choose the Turkish style floor stone or the toilet bowl model. If you wish, a shower unit can also be applied. Don't forget, Karmod office cabin is ready for your use, but it is custom made for your preference.

Metropol Office cabins are the new trend of modern architecture

Metropol Office cabins, prepared with the superiority of Karmod brand design, are the most compatible building model with the innovative style of modern architecture. It is among the most preferred building models of independent office buildings with its architectural harmony aesthetics. In terms of building safety, the entire main carcass of the building, together with the carriers, is braided with special metal profiles. The building wall is prepared using specially shaped profiles with the carcass system. In order to use the Metropol office building safely in hot and cold climate conditions, 40 mm thick special insulation material is applied. The outer layer of the wall is covered with wooden or tasonite patterned special boards over the insulation application. The interior wall surface of the luxury office cabinet is also covered with a special flat sheet. After coating, the exterior is painted with a special silicone paint according to the customer's color preference.

Parapet application that brings aesthetics to the Office Cabin

Another design application that brings architectural aesthetics to Metropol Office Cabins is carried out on the roof system. The eaves of the roof, which is supported by a specially shaped metal carrier frame, have been applied to a special windowsill with a height of 20 cm and a height of 36 cm, giving the building aesthetics. The evacuation of rain water in the office structure is provided by hiding it with the help of columns located at four corners. With the use of 80 mm glass wool applied in the roof system, the wall insulation is also integrated with the roof. Comfort is brought to night lighting with spot lighting fixtures placed at four corners around the roof eaves.

Sit safe in your office with complete fire safety, put your feet firmly on it

The electrical system of the luxury office cabin has been specially designed for the size of the building, and the electrical safety of the building is not left to chance. In cable usage, a special thickness cable is used by calculating the maximum energy absorption power at the same time according to the plan of the office building. Installation cables with flush-mounted application are collected in the fuse box on the main entrance door in all plans. Fuses are VIKO brand and have realistic amperage values. Cable connections are made securely using special terminals. The best quality modern productions were especially preferred in switches, sockets and telephone sockets and armatures. The electrical system of our office cabin models has been removed to the junction box at the back of the building so that it can be easily connected to the mains inlets.

The interior floor of the Metropol office cabin is supported from the bottom with tightly spaced special profiles. The floor was strengthened by laying a special 14 mm thick concrete slab on the special profile application. Decorative mineflo was laid on the floor with a thickness of 2 mm from the inside, special for Karmod office buildings. Optionally, different coating applications can be made on the floor.

As in modern buildings, first quality PVC windows are used in the window system of the office cabin. Thermal insulation is increased to the best level with the use of 4 9 4 insulating glass, which is preferred in windows.

Easy to load and unload with a crane with a steel rope connection from special eyebolts located at the four corners of our prefab office cabins.

The CTP office cabin prices will make you an office owner

For those who want to start a new business or move their current office to a new office, CTP prefab office cabin prices are special for you with budget advantages. The price advantages of factory automation mass production together with the long-lasting construction system are at Karmod cabin prices. The CTP Office cabins, which use the best raw materials have the advantage of are produced in modern production lines. Insulated panels, building safety, fire safety, interior comfort, modern construction style is in the Karmod cabin. You will definitely find prefabricated office cabin models from three m2 to 48 m2, tailored to the size of your business and your goals. With ready-to-use delivery, you will start earning immediately and get rid of the trouble of rent.

Open your shop and start earning with Office Cabin the same day

Wherever you are in Turkey and whatever your line of business is, open your new shop on the same day with Karmod office cabin and start earning right away. Metropol or CTP polyester cabins are special for your business and for you with their comfort and advantageous office cabin prices. All of our office buildings are ready for your use from wall to roof with high insulation. The electrical installation comes to you as assembled up to the lighting fixtures. All you have to do is connect the main current cables collected in a special junction box behind the building to the central electricity network. Likewise, in the models of our luxury office cabins with WC and kitchen, full installations and armatures are delivered prefab. You can easily connect the clean water connection to the central mains through the tap, which is taken out of the structure from the back. Do not forget to connect the waste water outlet pipe located behind the structure to the sewer line.

Expand your chain of stores with office cabins and leave your competitors behind

By choosing Karmod's prefab office cabin solutions that fit every sector, you can leave your competitors behind and have a safe growth. All you have to do for this is to choose one of the Karmod office cabin models that you can put into service as soon as it is shipped to the place of use. With these innovative offices, it is very easy to bring your products together to the whole Turkiye territory and to be among the well-known brands in a short time. With a good planning, you can cut the ribbon and open the chain of stores specific to your brand, expressed with them, on the same day at the same time. Let your brand meet with consumers in Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Antalya, Samsun, Diyarbakir, Trabzon, Adana, Erzurum and all the cities you wish at the same time. If you wish, move your brand abroad to different continents. Let Europe, Asia, Africa and America meet with your brand, and your turnover and profits will increase.

Move to your own office instantly, stop paying rent

Move to your own office with the new generation serviced office cabin buildings and avoid paying rent every month. Karmod's modern production office cabin prices will save you from paying huge rents that will carry you to your own office. Great savings will come to your fixed expense budget, and your stress will be reduced. Moreover, the independent serviced office cabin will give you the freedom to operate. Take your business into service instantly wherever you want with attractive office cabin prices and experience the comfort by getting away from the problems.