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Armored Cabin

Armored Cabin, which has been developed in Karmod R&D department with its expertise in the prefab construction sector since 1986, is produced specially for high protection standards. The armored cabin, which has undergone special tests for high security, embodies the quality superiorities of Karmod, the world cabin production leader. The armored security cabin has been tested for protection against BR7 armor-piercing bullets and similar.

Special Armored Cabin for safety standards

Protecting and maintaining tested standards is ensured by product-specific quality control practices at every stage of production. With the strict quality control steps, the risk factors that cause the choice of the building are safely eliminated. A high-security armored cabin is being prepared for private security personnel, together with our police and military, where they can perform their duties in the best way possible with peace of mind.

With this private security cabin, public officials such as police and soldiers, as well as private security personnel, are provided with an extremely comfortable place together with security. The spacious interior, which is specially designed for every dimension according to the size of the building, makes the security task very comfortable. The comfort of space is combined with the best window placement. These bulletproof windows of maximum width in three directions are specially designed to give the security guards the best view. Every detail in the armored cabin has been designed and prepared considering the normal time as well as the emergency attack situations. One of the important details in this direction in the security cabin is the ventilation grille. With these special vents, which are secured against the threat of BR7 bullets, allows the circulation of fresh air inside and the building is protected.

Armored firm stance against threats, Security Cabins

The BR7 armor-piercing protection is reflected in all the building details and the best protection is provided by the armored security cabin. The guard cabin building has been given security with secure walls, almost like a castle. Building walls are made with carcasses with the help of special reinforced profiles for protection against all security risks. Protective armor is applied on strong steel construction prepared with special profiles. This construction is completely covered with armor steel so that there is no opening, and the BR7 protection level of the walls is provided.

A special concrete plate is coated on the existing steel armor on the inner wall coating of the Armored Security Cabin. PVC paneling is applied as standard on the last layer of the inner wall surface, and different coatings can be applied optionally. With the application of full-density eps polystyrene foam to the inside of the wall, high insulation is provided to the armored guard hut. In optional applications, rock wool or glass wool insulation applications can be made. The outer surface coating on the steel armor is carried out with the application of 12 mm special thickness tastonite or wood patterned concrete plate.

Window glasses in three directions have the EN 1063 BR7 NS class bulletproof standard. The glasses have a bulletproof certificate issued by the internationally accredited laboratory organization TÜV Rheinland. The glasses of the armored cabin are polycarbonate-based, which is very hard to scratch, and the glass thickness is 85 mm. The window frames in which the glass is placed are also special steel frames made of BR7 class steel armor. Window sizes can be optionally prepared in special sizes according to the projects.

There are firing vents with a special opening and automatic closing mechanism on each of the window glasses. By using these vents, it is possible to respond quickly to possible attacks. The grilles have an arm system and they close automatically after use. It is ensured to respond to attacks safely without leaving the building with the extremely important shooting vent apparatus for the armored security cabin.

Armored cabin special steel armor door

All of our armored cabin models are manufactured using special steel armor in BR7 security class as a standard application on the doors. There is a 40x30 security sight glass on this special door. With this glass, the door direction has been added to the three existing glass directions of the armored security cabin, giving the opportunity to observe from all sides. The standard door size of the guard hut is 83x195 cm.

Full safety protection reflected on the roof

The roof system of the Karmod armored guard cabin also has the BR7 security protection standard. The roof outer surface is covered with armor steel with safety protection. The roof construction, which is specially shaped by using one-piece carrier profiles, does not allow possible explosive substances to be thrown on it with its slope. Roof insulation is provided by the use of mattress glass wool and its thickness is 80 mm. The roof ceiling is covered with a special PVC paneling application inside.

Bulletproof watch cabin for full security

All of the work done in the bulletproof watch box, which has the best structure analysis at every stage from design to production, is for full security. The main priority of the building is to provide first-degree safety of the police and soldiers who will be assigned. For this purpose, special attention was paid to the first element in the interior and exterior security applications of the armored cabin. This sensitivity is meticulously maintained in all Karmod security cabins with controls during the production stages. Traces of this sensitivity can be seen in every detail, especially the BR7 standard walls, roof system, glasses, window frames, grille guards, and doors.

Along with the security elements, special solutions have also been introduced for the auxiliary applications that will contribute to the security of the armored cabin. Windows that provide maximum viewing comfort, the viewing window on the door, and the safe shooting gratings are only visible details. These advantages are immediately noticed when entering the Karmod armored guard hut. The wide point of view of the windows provides security to the personnel with the comfort of use both while sitting and standing. With the best cruising ergonomics, the movements outside can be done comfortably. With this superiority, possible threat activity that may come from far away is noticed beforehand. When necessary, pre-attack interventions are easily done without leaving the security cabin. By using the battlements immediately, it is possible to switch to the firing position and make immediate defensive fire when necessary.

Special armored cabin for risky security zones

Along with the many advantages listed above, the Karmod armored cabin also has different advantages for more effective use in risky security zones. Alarm – siren assembly is one of them. The alarm device integrated on the cabin contributes to extra safety by activating the sensor. It facilitates alarm notification by connecting with the camera system. Again, thanks to the projector lighting mounted on the cabin, it helps to scan remote points in night controls. By using this special lighting fixture at dusk, the security of remote areas is taken under control. It deters unwanted attacks.

The armored cabin was further increased with the long-barreled gun firing device to be adapted on the armored hut. The weapon can be controlled from inside the cabin with computer support, and the attacks can be responded to in the best way.

The safety cabin adds value to the place where it is placed

Comfort was not overlooked in these private security cabins, where the safety of life was prioritized. With its armored cabin design, it adapts to where it is placed and adds quality and comfort. With its stylish appearance, it reflects one of the best designs of modern architecture. While it complements the architecture of the place where it is placed on good days, it undertakes the responsibility of protecting the place in extraordinary situations.

While it provides life safety to the soldiers, police and private security personnel that are inside, it facilitates their duties with its inner comfort. With its comfortable warm environment, it makes them feel the peace of their homes even if they are not with their loved ones. It prepares a working environment in which they will perform their duties flawlessly. With the air conditioner that can be placed in the safety cabin, the interior air conditioning can be done in the most ideal way. With its insulated structure that consumes very little energy, the armored cabin prices reflect advantage in savings. It offers security personnel a warm working environment in winter and a cool working environment in summer.

Do those who dedicate themselves to your safety a favor by reviewing the armored cabin prices and advantages now. How about buying the best bulletproof guard cabin that will give them their life safety?

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