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Mobile Toilet

Mobile toilet practical wc solution

The prefab Mobile toilet unit presentation is the most practical WC solution. It protects human health with the ease of hygiene that it provides. Prefab mobile WC cabins can be used in two different ways depending on preference. The first type of use can be fixed in place and activated for permanent use. Another use is the use of portable toilets to be used in outdoor organizations such as concerts, rallies and picnic areas.

In the first use of the mobile toilet, the mobile cabin should be placed in a fixed area suitable for continuous use. The duct problem can be solved permanently by connecting the waste drain pipe behind the WC Cabin to the central sewer network.. In areas where there is no central sewerage network line, a septic tank can be prepared and discharged. Or a drain duct can be connected using septic storage tanks, which are widely produced today. Septic pit or septic tank will provide a permanent solution for storing mobile toilet drains for a long time. If desired, it can be checked and cleaned at regular intervals with vacuum pulling tools such as vacuum trucks, and use can be continued. The mobile WC model is preferred for continuous use in factory and production facilities, central toilets in parks and gardens, and construction site projects. It is used safely for many years by connecting to the central sewer.

In the second use, the solution of the problem is facilitated by using the 115x115 mobile toilet model, mostly produced by Karmod. With the clean water tank and waste storage tank on the polyethylene mobile toilet, it makes the best contribution to meeting the mobile WC needs. Mobile WC is the most preferred toilet model in outdoor organizations held in city centers such as sports events, concerts and rallies. Dozens of portable toilets can be made ready for use in a short time in such events attended by thousands of people. 22 units can be loaded on a truck as assembled ready to use. It is immediately ready for use by being downloaded to the field hours before the event, lined up side by side or distributed by region. Moreover, the clean water tank and the waste storage tank are ready. Mobile toilets with hygienic and healthy cleaning conditions are prepared for thousands of people participating in the organization. The same product can also be used safely in picnic and recreation areas that serve seasonal uses. By placing them in nature and national parks all over Turkiye, a great contribution can be made to the protection of the natural environment. Even if detergent is used, it can be collected in the chemical waste reservoir and its release to nature can be prevented.

Leave the problems behind with a portable toilet

The mobile toilet, which also has the advantage of long-lasting use, is offered ready to use. Construction building processes are never needed. Let's take a closer look at the production adventure of the mobile WC model that comes to your door ready for use whenever you want. First of all, the structure is produced in Karmod's modern facilities, passing through rigorous quality control stages. You determine the WC cabin unit preference within the building yourself. For single units, you can order in Turkish style floor stone, European style toilet or shower tray model. If you wish, the urinal unit can be added to the cabin. Or, the shower cabin unit function can be combined and put into use for construction site uses in the ground stone models.

In the first stage of production, it starts with the taking of the wall and roof panels, which were previously prepared in modern lines, to the assembly line. Wall panels are brought together and insulation applications are carried out. The door and ventilation grille are automatically realized at this stage. Then, the roof panel of the toilet unit is mounted on the wall panels. Necessary isolation applications are made. At the same time, the lighting unit is mounted inside the roof panel. Now it's time to prepare the unit. First of all, clean and waste water installations are carried out according to the approved project by the expert Karmod technical team. Now it's time to shape the portable toilet model. Floor stone, closet or shower tray assembly is started. After installation, floor sealing operations and closures are made. Faucets, sink and reservoir units are assembled. When we assemble the paper holder, towel holder, clothes hanger and mirror, the mobile toilet is now ready for shipment. Your product is loaded, it goes wherever you want to use it.

Why are mobile toilet prices so affordable?

The WC cabin production process we have summarized above actually explains how affordable the mobile toilet prices are. For one thing, you do not need to deal with the construction processes at all. Let's say you don't have a WC and shower area for your workers to use in your factory office. You will need to prepare WC and shower cabins outside of the office. These cabins should be close to the changing rooms in terms of ergonomics for use. In order to build a toilet structure in this way, you will first need to obtain your legal permissions. Otherwise, every new building you add to your factory will cause you problems in the settlement. If you cannot get a residence permit, it is not possible to obtain your work permit. With mobile toilet prices and ready-to-use convenience, it is your best assistant to easily solve such problems. Mobile WC models, each of which is produced with a special project, is the easiest way to solve the need for WC and shower in your production facility. We produce prefab toilet buildings from single units to tens of units with cabin interior standards. Moreover, water installations, waste water installations and electrical systems are ready for use. All you have to do is to connect the waste water to the sewer, clean water and electricity to the main networks.

The biggest convenience that makes the mobile toilet price advantageous is that these structures are offered to your use without the need for a construction process. However, if you try to have a WC and shower cabin built with the classical system, many problems will be waiting for you. First you will need to draw a project. Afterwards, you will either have to deal with a large number of masters or you will have to deal with a contracting company. Secondly, you will need to make an appointment with the concrete batching plant to arrange your molder to pour the floor concrete. When you say brick mason, plasterer, electrician, plumber, roofer, insulator, you will be dealing with many people. Moreover, each will give separate prices. Your purchase will take time to get bids from at least three separate companies to make the building affordable. Proposals will be reviewed, reports will be shared, and a simple toilet structure you want to build will put a huge strain on your budget.

Avoid wasting your time dealing with masters by choosing the mobile toilet model produced by Karmod by a special project. The mobile toilets prices produced with Karmod expertise and delivered to your door will be very attractive to you.

The most preferred 150x150 toilet in mobile WC cabins

The best-selling models of Karmod, which produces hundreds of mobile WC cabins every year, each of which is specific to different areas of use, are structures with single units. The 150x150 mobile toilet model is one of them. The 150x150 WC cabin, produced in polyester cabin model with CTP production technology, is a prefab manufactured for use as in all productions. Standard production can be made in the form of an indoor unit, such as a toilet bowl, floor stone or shower cabin, according to customer preference. All details have been considered for the comfort of use in each unit. Paper holder, towel hanger, hanger and mirror are some of these details. Stocked products are delivered on the same day. Also in the panel cabin WC model, the 135x135 mobile toilet, which is a single unit, is among the most demanded.

Mobile toilet triple units are preferred by construction sites and factories

Prefab WC production from single to ten units meets customers with Karmod assurance. Among these, the triple mobile toilet cabin is among the most preferred models of construction sites and factory production facilities. Each of the triple units can be prepared in a separate function. One floor stone, one toilet bowl and the other unit can be equipped as a shower cabin. This situation makes it easier for the purchasers who want to meet three different units in one structure at the same time, especially at construction sites and factories.