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Portable Toilet

What is a portable toilet?

The definition of portable toilet was used for the first time for systems that offer WC solutions in yachts and boats. Then Portable toilet was developed for caravans, which later became an important passion of those who prefer natural life. A special system, in which chemicals solutions are used, has been started to be applied in order to eliminate the unpleasant odors that occur over time as it is used in the caravans. The name of this system, which prevents the smell of WC, has been named as chemical toilet over time. The chemical system has really brought a solution to the important problem of caravans with its innovation and made the vehicles more comfortable. WC solutions developed for the short-term use of the disabled and patients are also called portable toilets

Portable toilet is the way to make life easier

WC solutions for boats and yachts, caravans and patients are called portable toilets. Despite this naming is often given we will also talk about other usage areas of the WC cabinet. Apart from special naming, all of the portable units produced with the modular cabin system are now referred to as portable toilets. These wc cabinets can be transferred from place to place in a mobile way, and offer the opportunity to be used repeatedly. With its practical use, it contributes to meeting the needs in every field whether there is a sewer network or not. While strolling among the greenery at a picnic we went to, we suddenly come across a mobile wc. We always see it with us as a practical solution in an open-air organization we attend, such as a concert or rally, in the city square, etc.

Production of Portable toilets in four different models

Karmod, which is the production leader in the modular cabin sector, offers four different models of portable toilet cabins. These products can have clean and waste water storage tanks, or they can be used by connecting to the central network in areas with sewage water. Karmod, which has an excellent product presentation in terms of units, Karmod produces single, double, triple and even seven WC units. Each mobile structure is produced completely ready for its use and can be easily transported to different usage areas. As soon as it is put in its place, the WC unit becomes ready for use.

The first of these four models in mobile WC products is the polyethylene portable toilet model. The structure is completely ready for use it comes with a clean water tank at the top and a waste tank at the bottom together with the unit. Polyethylene mobile wc is produced in a single unit and is made multi-usable by arranging it side by side.

The WC system produced in the second model is a polyester portable toilet model. All of these structures, of which polyester wall and roof panels are produced with CTP technology and are shipped ready for use. They are prepared as a single mobile portable and multiple unit. In the unit, toilet bowl, floor stone or shower tray applications are carried out according to customer preference. Another toilet model that is produced intensively by Karmod is the panel cabin portable toilet type. WC structures with panel system can also be prepared as single or multiple units, as in CTP polyester products. The Metropol portable toilet model, on the other hand, is a special product developed by Karmod to meet the luxury usage preferences.

The most practical version of the portable toilet, the polyethylene mobile toilet

Produced with the Karmod expertise and using the new generation technology, the polyethylene portable toilet has important advantages such as practical use. With its 115x115 cm narrow body, it fits in every space. Multiple units can be prepared in a very short time by arranging them side by side. Despite its narrow body, it meets international usage standards with its spacious interior. The single unit interior is equipped with three different application alternatives as standard and according to customer preference. For Turkish style usage preferences, production is made in the choice of ground stone model, toilet bowl preference or shower cabin. All three applications are included in the production standard and the choice is left to the customer's desire.

Rental companies that use polyethylene portable toilets in outdoor organizations prepare their unit selection mostly according to the user profile. According to the specified profile, Turkish style or portable toilet model with a toilet unit is preferred with a balance of 30 to 70 percent. If the outdoor activity includes sports competitions, a certain number of shower cabin units should be preferred in this area of ​​use. Portable shower units will provide functional use to meet the shower needs of the athletes participating in the event.

The polyethylene portable toilet, which is designed completely considering its practical and easy-to-use function, is preferred in many areas with its many advantages. We have mentioned that the building is produced ready for use with everything. The total weight of this innovative product is 107 kg. It can be easily loaded onto vehicles with the help of a wheelbarrow. The biggest assistant of the organization companies that serve the national and international events. Dozens of buildings can be moved easily, and portable toilets are made ready for use by arranging them side by side in a short time. There are clean and waste water tanks in the polyethylene mobile toilet. Our clean water tank at the top is 180 lt. It has volume. In places where there is a water network, it can be directly connected to the installation. At the bottom of the mobile unit, there is a waste water tank integrated with the structure. The waste water tank also has a storage volume of 150 liters. As with clean water, mains connection can be made from the rear drain pipe in places of use where there is a sewage system.

Polyethylene is included in important details in terms of usage comfort in the mobile toilet cabin. The first of these is the special ventilation pipe system. With the help of the ventilation grille pipe that reaches the upper roof from the inside of the building, odors that may occur in continuous use are easily removed. With this system, the building automatically cleans itself from odor and becomes ready for the next use. Among the accessories that help with the comfort of use, the mirror, toilet paper holder, towel holder and hanger are among the unforgettable details. A color separation system at international standards is also preferred for the door closing lock.

When the mobile toilet cabin is locked from the inside during use, the red setting appears on the door. If the building is not locked from the inside, the green belt color is active, which indicates that it is ready for use even if the door is closed. Organization companies that organize outdoor activities frequently use polyethylene mobile toilet cabins. Picnic areas, military campsites, disaster and refugee emergency settlement campsites are among the areas where the building is highly preferred.

Multi-system mobile toilet model

When it comes to mobile toilets, single units usually come to mind. However, there are also mobile WC cabins in the multi-unit prepared with the Karmod special project. CTP polyester cabin, panel cabin and Metropol cabin are among Karmod's ready toilet structures produced in multiple units. In the CTP polyester cabin model, the ready-made structure in a single unit is a 150x150 toilet cabin. Apart from this, 150x270 double toilet and 150x390 triple toilet cabins are produced ready-made. Mobile toilet cabins with seven or more units are prepared with factory pre-production and assembled on-site by our teams. The building, which is loaded into a pre-production vehicle, is put into service by being installed at the place of use without the need for other materials. This system provides an important solution to the toilet structures needed especially in picnic areas.

With this system, a solution is provided in the toilet structures located in the protected area or in the national park enterprises where there is no building permit. Nearly 10 WC units are planned and prepared in each building with on-site assembly system. In the same building, door entrances in different directions are designed and made special for male and female WC use.

The single unit in the portable toilets in the panel cabin model has the size of 135x135. With this model, double, triple, quadruple and specially designed multiple units can be prepared. Floor stones, toilet bowls, urinals and shower cabin applications are prepared as standard. In the Metropol mobile toilet model, ready-made production is made from single units to 7 units. With its special crowned modern architectural harmony, the Metropol cabin is in harmony with the natural texture of city parks and public gardens.

Mobile toilets prices, which are produced with everything ready, at special attractive prices with Karmod's expertise. You can examine the mobile toilets prices and models that we prepared by passing modern production quality control tests here, and contact us for detailed information.