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Security Huts

The safety hut produced in modern facilities with Karmod leadership and new generation technologies in the prefab construction sector is the best in Turkey. Design superiority in functional use, safe long-lasting construction model are the prominent factors in the most preferred Karmod security hut. The advantage of the presentation in the ready-to-use concept further increases the interest in the watch box.

Turkey's best security hut

Let's take a closer look at Karmod structures, which can be put into service on the day they are shipped and developed a large number of products in the security hut. Karmod is the leading and veteran brand of the prefab hut production sector since 1986. It is the actor brand that is tried to be copied by following the innovations it brought to the buildings by the companies in the sector. Karmod primarily brings a detail solution along with design superiority to its prefab buildings. Detail solutions, which are realized at the design stage before production starts, give the buildings significant usage advantages.

With this important difference, the external appearance of the Karmod security hut reflects the harmony of a very modern architectural construction style. In its interior design, it prepares spacious spaces in functional use for all users, especially the security personnel who prefer it. No external or internal defect that catches the eye and bothers him is not found in the Karmod security hut. The most sensitive details are expertly resolved in the design, and production begins after the brand-specific product development tests.

Important choices such as the raw materials used in pre-production, building materials, and the selection of the simplest accessories bring both quality and comfort to the safety hut. Those who prefer the Karmod watch hut know these differences very well and want it especially by emphasizing the brand name.

The best quality and materials preferred are taken to the production line in the modern facilities where production is carried out, resulting in the Karmod safety hut, the choice of Turkey and the world. Quality control practices carried out at every stage of production bring Karmod security structures to perfection. The guard hut, whose production is completed, is delivered on the same day and delivered directly to the address specified by the user. The user who receives the building can place it wherever he wants and start using it at the same time. All it needs to do is to connect the ready-to-use electrical installation of the building to the mains. All you need to do is connect the building's off-the-shelf electrical installation to the power grid. If you prefer WC shower hut, just connect sewage and clean water to mains. Moreover, to have a perfect structure with the most advantageous security hut prices with the superiority of ready presentation. The best pleasure of the building is that it does not bother with the construction processes.

The largest variety of models and products in security huts is in this hut

With the responsibility of being the leading brand in the sector, Karmod constantly develops its structures through R&D and P&D processes. While creating new-style structures with its R&D studies, it constantly raises the existing building quality and functional usage advantages with its P&D processes. As a result of these important studies, new building models are brought to both the sector and user preferences in security huts.

CTP Polyester Hut , Panel Hut, Precast Hut, Metropol Hut, Polyethylene Mobile WC are among the hut models that Karmod has developed and brought to the industry. These security huts in different models have alternative sizes of production in nearly 50 plans with standard production. Considering the special design and different plan productions for optional usage preferences, many security hut models are offered to the user's preference.

Huts with a size between 3 m2 and 18 m2 are preferred among the most preferred guard hut sizes. Security hut models measuring up to 50 m2 are preferred especially for points where more than one public or private security personnel is employed. Security WC hut models in ergonomic plans designed to meet the toilet needs are also among the ready-to-use structures produced by Karmod.

The most preferred security hut CPT Polyester Hut

CPT polyester hut is among the most preferred models in security hut preferences. 150x150, 215x150, 215x215 models are requested for single use, while the largest hut unit is 390x1230, starting from 270x270 for 2 or more security personnel.

Karmod polyester hut is produced in a specially prepared automation belt system in modern facilities. Aesthetic design, the widest and most spacious interior presentation according to the size of the building, with an odorless glossy surface. Many advantages including long life usage are together in Karmod polyester security hut. Wall panels are produced by using polyester, gelcoat and glass fiber main materials in a specially prepared new generation molds tape line. During the production phase, full-density polyurethane insulation material is injected between the panels, and the most perfect level of panel insulation is achieved. With this advantage, Karmod hut saves energy every time it is used, and saves money as you use it in terms of security hut prices.

At the last stage of production, CPT polyester hut panels are heated in a special heat treatment furnace specific to the brand, and their strength is maximized. At the same time, the reaction of the raw material is terminated by firing, and any future deformations are completely eliminated. The brightest and smoothest surfaces are reflected in Karmod guard hut. At the same time, in the oven stage, the hut is provided with an odor-free feature, making a very important contribution to the comfort of use.

The choice of safe, non-harming tempered glass in its windows and the use of first quality PVC doors are among the Karmod CTP polyester hut differences. With the use of VIKO brand electrical installations and accessories, the Karmod security hut is also the safest hut with fire protection.

The sandwich panel system in the security hut is located in this huts

Karmod panel is produced by using an insulated sandwich panel system in the hut wall and roof system. It is also different with its stainless high galvanized metal carriers with a special automotive industry painting system that completes the panel hut. Sandwich panel complements the interior comfort of use. With the use of VIKO brand electrical materials, projected installation and quality-controlled workmanship, the panel hut has full fire safety.

In addition to the standard dimensions of 135x135, 135x210, 260x260, the industry's new standard 240x400, the largest Panel security hut is at Karmod again with its superior quality. With the most suitable security hut prices for your budget, Karmod is in the panel hut.

The Metropol hut at the top of the security huts

Metropol hut has been specially developed in R&D processes with Karmod's expertise. While developing the building model, it was aimed to adapt to the security huts of the brand projects of modern architecture. With the studies carried out in this direction, Karmod Metropol hut was produced and put into service in the security hut of branded projects. Karmod Metropol, which has received the attention it deserves in a short time with its innovative concept, is preferred in many branded housing and office projects today.

Metropol hut has brought a very good solution to the security hut needs of large construction companies that carry out construction projects. With Karmod Metropol, construction companies had the opportunity to have a prefab building concept compatible with their projects without dealing with construction processes. Karmod Metropol Security hut integrated with modern projects and added value to them.

Precast hut, Security hut like a Castle

Another safety hut offered with the Karmod difference is the precast hut. The wall panels, which are prepared with a special mixture of new generation molds, strengthen the building walls like a castle with the superiority worthy of the security hut. The wall panels are placed on a special monolithic carrier carcass and the building insulation is raised to the highest level with the application of glass and rock wool from the inside.

The aluminum anthracite gray color preferred for door and window joinery complements the special Jotun brand painted panels with the most beautiful combination. Smoked reflective glass, which is especially preferred in window and door glasses, makes an extra contribution to the comfort of the building. The choice of double insulating glass further increases the existing superior insulated energy savings of the building and reduces energy costs. Special for those looking for the best security hut model with its architectural stance, solid walls and anthracite joinery with reflective glass.

When you are looking for special security hut prices for your budget, we strongly recommend that you examine the Karmod guard hut models. The most special one for you is definitely in Karmod. Choose the best security booth and add value to your space. With both energy saving and long life as you buy and use.

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