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Modular Kiosk

Modular Kiosk

Many advantages such as construction safety, impermeability, long-lasting practical use are all together in Türkiye's most preferred modular kiosk. Karmod Cabins are manufactured in modern facilities using the best raw materials and outstanding building materials. modular kiosk construction undergoes strict quality control inspections at every stage of production. As a result of these meticulous studies, high-quality structures meet the end users.

Turkiye's best Modular Kiosk

Wall and roof panels; It is prepared with the combination of polyester, fiberglass and gelcoat as raw materials. Modular kiosk panels achieve the highest insulation performance with polyurethane injection that provides high insulation. Has a special heat treatment firing, where it gains strength, sealing and impermeability.

Karmod Modular Kiosk has brand-specific window system. Window glasses have the same characteristics as the glass in the automotive industry they use tempered glass system. It provides extra insulation to the modular kioks with its special sealing joints. It provides sealing. In case of possible breakage, the glass does not harm the personnel working in the kiosks. The first quality, long-lasting PVC door system that provides full closure is preferred for the door. Opening and closing is very practical. It is extremely easy to lock the kioks door with the special lock system.

The four-way window and glass system of the 150x150 modular kiosks, together with the door, has a very good view. This superiority provides the personnel with the ease of working and an ergonomic use, especially in the preferences of the guard huts.

Safest Modular Kiosk with projected electrical installation

All of the Karmod Modular kiosk models have a specially designed electrical system that provide a safe environment for the user. The electrical installations of all Karmod Kioks, from 150x150 kiosks model to 390x1230 large size 50 m2, are designed specifically for the product. Projected installation is applied expertly without leaving fire safety to possibilities. In the electricity project, the highest energy draw that can be used at the same time according to the size of the building has been taken into account.

Modular Kiosk cable thickness and fuse selection were carried out according to these criteria and started to be used. The fuse system of Karmod Kiosk models is collected in a special box on the door and VIKO brand fuses with the required amperage are used. Cable connections are made with special terminals. Safe electrical installation in all products is gathered in a special junction box on the upper rear part of the polyester modular kiosk unit. By using this junction box, the central mains connection of the polyester kiosks is easily achieved.

For Modular Kiosk interior lighting, luminaires that offer ergonomic lighting specific to the size of the building are preferred. Sockets and switches are again using VİKO brand supplies, and the kiosks gains the same comfort as other structures with its entire interior design. In the electrical system, both the wiring and the assembly of accessories such as switches and sockets are implemented without compromising the suitability of the project. As a result, the best Modular Kiosk with full structural safety is delivered to the end user.

Modular Kiosk requested by Security Guards

Karmod has gained customer satisfaction in every field and is preferred with its expertise and modern produced Modular Kiosk products. The guard hut model, which is the most preferred among the buildings, has gained the satisfaction of the security personnel, thus increasing it to the desired structure with its brand name. Night watchmen and security personnel want it by the name Karmod. The staff, who experienced the comfort of the Karmod Cabin at their previous place of duty, aims to maintain this comfort in their new workplace as well. The biggest reason for this satisfaction is that the external quality and superiority of Karmod ready-made buildings have been carried into the building. Interior detail solutions, interior design advantages specific to usage ergonomics are reflected in Karmod Modular Kiosk construction.

Based on this satisfaction, Karmod aims to deliver this comfort to the security guards by delivering more of its structures to the security guards with its Modular Kiosk prices campaigns. With their superiority, Karmod buildings have reached every province of Turkey. You can see the Karmod brand in every square, in front of the factory, in front of the shopping mall. 

Barcelona, ​​Manchester, PSG's Choice Karmod

Karmod is the leading brand in kiosks production both in Turkey and in the world. Our Modular Kiosk products were preferred by the world's leading football clubs for ticket sales and roller blind store concepts. In this context, Spanish Barcelona, ​​French PSG, English giant Manchester United Karmod are among the famous football brands that prefer modular buffet booths.

What are the reasons that make Karmod modular kioks buildings preferred by famous clubs? The most important reason for this is that Karmod produces modern practical structures that are extremely suitable for roller blinds. The durable modular kiosk with high security takes up very little space in the place where it is placed. Although the wall thicknesses are much thinner than other structures, it has strength and insulation advantages.

The modular buffet booth also offers great advantages with its ready-to-use concept and product presentation. As soon as the factory with its full production system ships them, they become ready for use on site. With this model, it is very practical to prepare ticket sales and corporate product sales points in a very short period of time and put them into service. Other building models do not have the opportunity to achieve this advantage. Therefore, Karmod immediately attracts the attention of investors who know the Modular Kiosk business well. Just as the managers of Barcelona, ​​Paris Saint-Germain and Manchester United caught the attention.

Karmod cabin is shipped ready for use to different points with brand corporate identity coated. They are put into service immediately and starts to earn. Moreover, with product presentation shelves suitable for the concept of roller blinds. It is not a coincidence that Karmod buildings are the modular kiosk manufacturing and are made with the most suitable criteria for the use of sales kiosks, are preferred by giant football clubs. Karmod's expertise since 1986 and the new generation technologies used in modular kiosk manufacturing have contributed greatly to this success. Of course, the selection of the best raw materials and building materials is another complementary factor in this success.

The best in Modular WC booth products

Karmod is the best in Modular WC Booth products with its practical use together with security and buffet booths. The advantages of standard panel production with a quality control system are also reflected in toilet booths products. Karmod toilet booths are offered to the customer in a ready-to-use concept as in other products. The waste and water installation systems used in the cabin are carried out with a model-specific project, as in the electrical system.

When examining the modular wc booths prices, it is useful to know that these structures are delivered ready for use from A to Z. This feature saves you the trouble of dealing with construction processes while preparing a practical toilet. For the construction of a single-unit WC, you need many building materials, especially construction materials such as cement, brick, sand, etc. Do not forget to include electrical materials and accessories, waste - clean water installation materials, sanitary ware and accessories. Note the door and window as well. And if we list the masters required for these, masons, concrete workers, plasterers, doormen, electricians, plumbers, tilers, etc. etc. However, your choice of a modular wc booth with long-lasting, modern units, ready with everything, will save you from all these troubles. Which of us would like to spend time with the problems in these construction processes when there is a ready-made product? Leave behind the problem of constructing WCs with classical methods that take a long time to build. Modular wc booths prices offer you a long-term solution with its advantages. Moreover, ready-to-use delivery on the day you want, wherever you want.

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