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Frequently Asked Questions

Modular Cabins Frequently Asked Questions

What are the technical features of the cabin and what is it made of?

Karmod is producing cabins in 4 different types. CTP cabin; is made of polyester and polyurethane panels fixed together with fiber glass in between them covered with gel coat from the outside surface. Thanks to full density usage of raw materials an excellent sound and thermo insulation is provided. ABS cabins; Karmod is the first company in Turkey to produce ABS cabins with combinations of double poliurethane Wall. Panel cabin; is made of combinations of Steel sheet+EPS+PVC layered panels. City cabin; is made of steel carcassed structure with EPS as an isolation material in between the interior and exterior walls made of cement boards.

Are our Cabins wind resistant?

Our cabins can resist to windspeed up to 80 km/h in case if attached properly to the ground.

Do the cabins require special attention?

Cleaning of Karmod cabin surface is very easy, both from inside and outside. The interior can be cleaned up with wet towels without causing any deformation. The exterior parts can be cleaned with brush. Silicon should be renewd In case if it starts coming off as a result of exterior factors . Stains can be easily cleaned with traditional cleaning materials.

Are the cabins thermal and sound proof?

Our cabins can withstand any deformations between -30 C and +60 C . Heater or Air conditioner can be used to regulate the temperature inside. The isolation is achieved via injection of 35mm (40 kg/m³) poliurethane foam between the wall panels.

Can cabins be produced in different sizes?

Cabins are produced by mold system with fixed sizes. Cabin sizes may change according to customer requirements. The CTP and City cabin size may reach up to 50 m² .

How many people can fit in a standard cabin?

Our cabins are considered for 2 m²per person. Our specialist sales team will help you to pick the right cabin if you inform them the purpose and number of personell intended to use it.

What type of ground is required for the cabins?

The ground should be smooth or 10 cm thick concrete ground should be prepared. Preferably enough space should be left in the corners for the cabin to be anchored to the ground.

What are the quarantee conditions and offered period ?

Its esential that the product is used according to the users manual and conditiones stated in the offer. In case if these condtiones are taken into consideration the quarantee period is 1 year since the day of assemly.

How’s the heating and cooling is provided?

Our cabins enjoy high level of thermal insulation. Inside temperature can be easily regulated by AC or any other electrical device.

Hows is the shipment done?

Shipment can be carried out in different types of vehicles. Cabins bigger than 270x750cm are shipped as demounted and assembled on site by Karmod specialist teams.