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Metropol Cabin

With its appearance that integrates with new design styles, Metropol Cabin is the new favorite of modern architecture. In the appearance of the Karmod Metropol Cabin, there is quality and comfort in its aesthetic essence. With its luxurious cabin aesthetics, it gives a modern look wherever it is placed. It provides ergonomic comfort advantages to the users of the building. With the new generation security cabin, spaces become more beautiful and bring enthusiasm, joy and high efficiency to the users.

Metropol Cabin, the new favorite of modern architecture

Minimized structures such as security office, taxi stand, kiosk were the most important model problem that the modern architectural concept had difficulty in solving. Beautiful projects were being signed in projects such as luxury office projects, brand residences and shopping malls, but it was difficult for mobile buildings to encompass this beauty. The existing mobile guard hut did not fit the overall concept and devalued the project. Of course, it was possible to adapt to the concept, but the main problem was the high costs of the classical building model. The studies carried out to find solutions to needs in Karmod's I-D and P-D processes bore fruit with the emergence of a beautiful product.

The new product Karmod Metropol Cabin model has brought a solution to both the aesthetic harmony of modern architecture and the budget convenience. The Metropol Cabin model is produced and delivered in a ready-to-use concept from three m2 to 21 m2 as standard. With its ready presentation, it can be put into service as soon as it is placed. Combined building, with the advantage of mobile structure, is produced in sizes up to one hundred m2, with single and double floors, and integrates the design freedom of modern architecture.

With the special roof crown unique to the Metropol Cabin model in each model, it gives both a modern look and a glamor to any place where it is placed. It adds value to the popular projects of modern architecture with its special coatings and the advantage of painting in the corporate identity colors of the general building project.

Brand projects found their rhythm with Karmod Metropol Cabin

Bringing a special style to the security cabins and kiosks, Karmod has also solved the problem of the guard hut compatibility of the brand projects that we often hear about the metropol cabin. For example, Metropol taxi stand placed at the entrance of Astoria Mall in Istanbul Mecidiyeköy added value by integrating with the brand name of the project. Sabancı Holding security office took its place among the centers where the Metropol cabin adds confidence and color.

These important projects, which had to prefer classical mobile units, which were quite weak compared to the strength of the brand, found their rhythm with the Metropol Cabin model. With the prefab construction system of the metropolis that integrates the project, construction companies have avoided the construction of an extra guardhouse in accordance with their concepts. Large construction companies not only find the most suitable building model for their project identity, but also save budgets with economical metropol cabin prices.

Karmod Metropol is produced ready for your use, including wall, roof, door and window, electrical and water installation, decoration applications and paint. You do not need to go through the re-construction processes for a building that is suitable for your brand project concept. You do not have to supply bricks, cement, roofing materials, electrical and plumbing materials. Moreover, you get rid of dealing with a master close to him, such as a concrete worker, mason, roofer, window maker, plumber, insulator, painter. As soon as it is placed on your project area, it is ready for use under the guarantee of Karmod. All you have to do is to connect it to the main power line to power the structure. In the Metropol WC shower cabin model, you can start using the ready-to-use waste and clean water by connecting it to the network. Metropol cabin prices will suit both your account and your budget, and you will enjoy having a structure that is compatible with your brand.

Security Cabinet for modern life

Karmod Metropol Cabin is the new style security cabin of modern life with its construction quality, aesthetics and comfort for use. It brings elegance and pleasure to the places where it is placed, such as mass housing estates, private security points, shopping malls, hospitals and schools, and city squares. Squares become colorful with modern buffet cabins, and estates are valued with guard cabins.

The cafe, restaurant, newsstand, doner shop, dessert shop that operates a kiosk in the crowded squares and streets of the city can easily have modern sales points with the Metropol Cabin. They are happy to start selling as soon as they are put in place and earn money. Providing comfortable service to customers with its modern concept and long-lasting construction model increases both their work and their pleasure.

With the Metropol cabin model, security guards who work long hours, 24/7 day and night, have a comfortable working environment. Smiling faces, productive and respectable work crowns the performance of the task. With the best insulation superiority, working in the Metropol guard hut on the coldest day of winter turns into a passion like being at home. While sipping hot tea in the cool working environment in the extremely hot weather of summer days, people are smiling again, regardless of the outside.

Comfort has come to Taxi Stations with Metropol Cabin

With Metropol Cabin, order came to the taxi stand structures, beauty came, comfort came. Taxi drivers met with the new generation building comfort they deserved for years. The taxi stand, which was produced in the standard size range of six m2 and 21 m2 according to the number of taxi driver personnel at the station, added pleasure to the metropol cabin taxi drivers and gave them morale. Taxi drivers, who spent their tiring breaks in makeshift structures, found peace.

The metropol cabin models, which are produced in a ready-to-use concept with everything from electricity to plumbing, can be put into service at the time of shipment. In addition to single-room models, there are models with room and kitchen partitions. In the comfortable lounge with the maximum width, the taxi drivers can happily relieve the tiredness of the busy traffic. He leaves the station with enthusiasm, keeping his spirits up for the new taxi calls. The modern exterior of the new Metropol cabin saves the shopkeepers from the treatment of shelter in the station area and elevates them to neighborhood residents. The comfort in the building suits taxi drivers in every aspect. In the building, sometimes the tea brewed in the kitchen located in a part of the main hall or in the special section is sipped with pleasure.

The most decent WC shower cabin is in the Karmod metropol cabin. The highest quality and modern styles are in this cabin with its leak-proof safe installation, luxury faucets, sink and toilet unit like in their homes. In the luxury cabin, where waste and clean water installations are produced ready to use, the outlets outside the structure are ready for easy connection to the mains lines. The electrical installation, prepared with a special project by Karmod experts, has full fire safety. With the quality-controlled production and projected installation system, the negativities that may occur in the building have been completely eliminated.

Within the scope of the project, TSE and ISO certified cables with ideal current thickness were delivered to the fuse box with special clips without using tape. The fuses used in the Metropol Cabin are VIKO brand and have a realistic full amperage value. The electricity project has been carried out by making special calculations according to the maximum energy use that may be needed at a taxi stand within the building. Project compliance is followed at every stage of production with quality control processes. The lighting fixtures preferred in the Metropol Cabin have been used from the best brands, and the structure has been provided with lighting with ergonomic comfort of use.

Relieve your budget with Karmod Metropol Cabin prices

Building safety, insulation superiority, comfort, construction processes and ready-to-deliver Karmod metropol cabin prices will relieve your budget. No matter where it is in the guard hut, taxi stand, security office or kiosk, it will continue to save you energy every month with its high insulation. With Karmod Metropol cabin prices, which will save your budget as you use it with its superiorities, you will leave the building depreciation expense behind in a short time. With the ready-to-use concept that you will start using the day it is shipped to your place, your business will run smoothly from the first day. As you use the Metropol cabin, you will both earn and experience the happiness of taking your business further.

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