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Wide Cabins

Modern architectural harmony, building aesthetics, comfort of use, safe long-lasting construction model, ready-to-use mobile portable feature in Karmod Wide Cabins. Order the Office Cabin today and open your business in a short time. At the same time, leave behind construction and building costs.

Modern Spacious Cabins up to 50 m2

Wide Cabins are produced with the expertise of Karmod, the leading manufacturer of guard cabins, add quality to wherever they are placed with their quality and stylish appearance. It adapts to new concept projects of modern architecture. The polyester cabin model, which has many alternative usage areas, especially office and buffet, has also many different plans. These innovative structures, also called industrial cabins, are produced in standard sizes starting from 390x390 cm and up to 50 m2. The Wide Cabin stands out with its exterior elegance as well as the interior comfort it provides with its maximum width.

Narrow but highly insulated wall panels special for the building create the widest and most spacious environment in the interior. The raised roof system unique to the Karmod Wide cabin model increases this spaciousness even more. The eye-catching glossy surface on the exterior panels of the building continues inside the building. The smooth, soft and glossy surface inside gives extra comfort to the building in uses such as offices. The wide cabin, again is unique and the building a working environment in bright use.

Security for High building and insulation energy-saving superiority in Karmod Wide Cabin

Another advantage of the buffet and office cabin is that the building has a long life and building security against factors such as earthquakes. The walls and roofs of the building are prepared by injecting full-density polyurethane raw material between the panels in production with CPT technology. Insulated panels provide energy savings to the building during use. Indoor air conditioning can be done easily with air conditioners and similar devices. With the lowest energy consumption, it creates warm interiors in winter and cool interiors in summer. Wide Cabin was preferred for construction sites as dormitories in Somalia and Eritrea, known for its hot climate in African countries, and as a residence in Saudi Arabia with its superior insulation. With this aspect, the Karmod cabin is called 'Ice Cabin' (Cool Cabin) by those who use it in hot countries. The wide cabin, which is preferred for buffet purposes in Moscow the capital city of Russia, offers the owner its warm atmosphere.

From Bread Sale to Restaurant Ready Buffet Cabins

Karmod wide cabin structures, produced in a ready-to-use concept, are preferred in many areas from bread sales to restaurants, from markets to buffet cabins. In addition to its mobile portable feature, the maintenance-free, long-lasting construction class makes the Karmod cabin the preferred.

The wide cabin with a size of 15 to 25 m2 is mostly preferred for buffet use. The standard dimensions of the ready Buffet cabin in this range are 390x390, 390x510 and 290x630 cm. These sizes are preferred in workplaces such as mini market, public bread, newsstand, fish bread, kokorec shop, doner buffet. Its ready-to-use production up to the electrical installation provides great convenience for small tradesmen. The day it is shipped, it opens its sales kiosk and starts to serve its customers and earns instantly. It leaves behind the long construction times of classical buildings and the problem of dealing with different technicians.

Enjoying Çayeli Dry Beans in the Wide Cabin

For restaurant-style business ideas, Karmod Wide Cabin is getting very attractive opportunities. The buffet cabin is very attractive for both small businesses and investors who want to expand their service chains with the Franchising (Frençayzing) system. Specially sized 390x750, 390x870, 390x990, 390x1110 and 390x1230 wide cabins unique in Karmod make it easier for investors. It is very easy and very attractive to turn your restaurant investment ideas into reality with the ready concept of the Karmod cabin all over Turkiye. Çayeli Dry Bean Shop in Istanbul, Akçaabat Köfteci in Izmir, Gaziantep Baklavaci in Ankara, Edirne Ciğercisi in Antalya. Turn your innovative investment ideas for restaurant chains in a single branch or franchise model into reality with Karmod wide cabins, and start earning right away. Set up your counter and host your customers with comfort with the spacious interior of the tables. Let your customers taste flavors in a reliable environment with the hygiene convenience of the new building generation that offer best hygiene alternatives.

The modern face of the Taxi Stand Karmod Cabin

Karmod cabin is the new choice of Taxi Stop buildings with its elegance and its harmony with modern architecture, spacious interior and superior insulation. Karmod's wide cabin can be placed wherever you want on the day it is shipped, and instantly introduces the comfort in the taxi stands. Conversations rise in the peaceful interior, while waiting for new customers after the tiring traffic, they are really pleasant for resting. The ready tea stove, the teas are brewed and the coffees are foamed. Even in the scorching heat of summer, it is sipped with pleasure in the cool atmosphere of the wide cabin.

With the Karmod cabin, both taxi drivers and taxi stop operators enjoy themselves. Taxi drivers realize the comfort; “This is it!” he says. The high insulated, wide cabin adds to the pleasure of the taxi stand owner with its energy saving as you use it. Because the unique wall and roof panels of Karmod cabins have high insulation. While it is produced using the best raw materials in modern facilities, full-density polyurethane insulation material is placed between the panels. The panels, which are subjected to heat treatment in the most ideal time in the special furnace system, come out with both insulation and long life. Panels brought side by side on the beltline are expertly assembled with quality controls and turned into a luxury taxi stand. The electrical installations of the wide cabin are prepared for fire safety by using ISO certified first quality VIKO fuses and switches.

The sanitary and waste water installations in the taxi kiosk, tea room and toilet cabin section are also carried out with the project. Installation outlets are prepared by taking them outside the building to be connected to the mains. Tea stove and electrical outlets are ready for use. You can burn the bottom of the tea immediately. Optionally, a urinal unit is applied together with a floor stone or a toilet unit inside the WC cabin. Reservoir, washbasin, mirror, hanger, toilet and towel holder are ready to use as standard applications. The taxi stop toilet has the same comfort as standard buildings with the use of the best sanitary ware and accessories.

It is enough to contact Karmod to renew the taxi stand and have the comfort and advantages of a wide cabin. With the ready presentation concept, you can have the Karmod cabin immediately without the hassle of construction processes and many craftsmen. Renew your taxi stand with Karmod and enjoy the advantages of ready-to-use cabin prices.

Start earning now with Office Cabinet

With its ready-to-use concept, Karmod office cabins bring great convenience to investments such as sales offices and corporate sales store chains. Sales offices are put into service on the same day without dealing with building construction processes. Corporate sales chain stores are becoming widespread throughout Turkiye in a very short time. It becomes easier to bring different products to the target customer base, and growth targets accelerate.

Karmod wide cabins are always with both individual and corporate companies in their office cabin preferences with their ready-to-use mobile feature. No more searching for a building for your store with the ready-made store concept. No matter where in Turkiye, you can cut the opening ribbon of your new sales office on the day it is shipped and put it into service. The ready-made sales cabin of 50 m2 will completely save you from the trouble of a rental office. Own your own office, not rented, with Karmod's wide cabin wherever you want. With its mobile easy-to-carry feature, you can diversify your service offering by moving it to different locations if you wish.

Valet cabin for parking lots

Karmod produces indoor spaces that are practical to use for parking personnel working in the open area. The valet cabin, which is special for usage areas such as parking lot, prepares the most practical indoor space for the personnel working in different climatic conditions in all four seasons. Take advantage of the same day delivery advantages by examining valet cabin models starting from 150x150 sizes.

Spacious Cabins - Sample Projects