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Guard Cabin

Guardhouse means trust means efficiency

We may not care about many things for our businesses, but there are also important details that we must take into account. One of these important details is undoubtedly the watch cabin. Isn't the security of many different businesses such as our administration building, factory, industrial sites, shopping centers important to us? No matter how important, we all have savings in our businesses. The negativities that can be experienced here can put us in a difficult situation and darken our future. We can lose our savings, which we have gained by giving our lives, by momentary carelessness.

In order not to experience the highlighted unpleasantness, we have to show the sensitivity we show in the selection of personnel for our enterprises when purchasing security cabins for them. Undoubtedly, watch cabin prices vary according to their quality. But you can buy the best building by comparing the differences and advantages. Because a guardhouse means efficiency. The ability of your security personnel to perform at the best efficiency is directly related to the structure they use in the field of duty. The security cabin should make an extra contribution to the guards by facilitating their task with both navigation-surveillance superiority differences and insulation features. It should make their tasks easier and add extra performance to their productivity. It should prepare a comfortable task area for them with its interior spacious environment. Navigation and sight glass should facilitate their inspection with ergonomics of placement. In the coldest nights of winter, the guardhouse should protect the health of security personnel with its warm environment. In the heat of summer, they should prepare cool places that will save them from the grueling working environment. They should give confidence in every aspect and make them feel valued so that they can protect our businesses and factories in the best possible way. Let them work comfortably 24 hours a day without blinking, so that they help us sleep comfortably in our homes without us noticing.

The Guardhouse, which improves the performance of security personnel

Since 1986, Karmod, the world leader in modular cabins and expertise in the sector, produces Guardhouses that increase the duty performance of security personnel. The efficiency of the personnel working in Karmod security cabins increases, and the protection of enterprises becomes safer. Because Karmod cabins are specially designed for the use of security personnel. In our designs, it has been our most important principle to prepare a comfortable working environment for them in difficult duty areas 24/7 in summer and winter.

From the single cabin to the large buildings where the complete security team will take charge, the best comfort is all together in Karmod Guard Cabin. Karmod cabin, which gathers many superior features compared to its counterparts, has the advantages of high insulation, impermeability and long-lasting construction system. With its high insulation, security personnel are provided with comfortable use in all seasons. Long and rough winter nights are a major problem for security guards. Early in the night, darkness falls, and in the morning, the sky cannot be brightened. The dark nights get longer and longer in the eyes of the security guard. And when the cold of the night is added to this, the problem gets bigger and bigger. The task gets harder, the longer the morning comes, the longer it gets delayed. With its high insulation in all models, Karmod guard cabin provides a comfortable working environment for security personnel in all seasons. With its superiority of insulation, it turns into joy in the coldest and longest nights of winter. With the help of air conditioners and similar heaters, the indoor environment becomes warm as soon as possible. By keeping the existing heat for a long time, the comfort offered by the insulation is experienced continuously. Likewise, the safety cabin prepares cool environments on the hottest days of summer. Karmod cabins are an economical structure that makes use of the lowest energy usage, as it is used in the evaluation of the guard cabin price.

The best viewing advantage with its spacious interior is in this Watch Box.

With its special design, Karmod Guard cabin provides security personnel with the best navigational advantage and facilitates mission surveillance. Administrative offices, factories, industrial facilities, industrial sites, residences become safer. In all models of the Karmod security cabin, the window placements are specially designed according to the best ergonomics of use. The best observation opportunity is provided with large windows in three directions. Through the window in the door, security observation has been gained to four directions of the building.

The best observation can be made in the windows of the guardhouse, both sitting and standing. Relevant units are immediately informed so that possible negativities can be filtered out in the best way possible and necessary measures can be taken. The glasses used in the windows are tempered glasses used in automotives and it is prevented from harming the personnel in case of breakage. Glass placement on the windows is surrounded by special wicks and full sealing is ensured. The use of tempered glass is an important detail and effects of the guard cabin prices. We strongly recommend that you inquire whether tempered glass is used in economic products in terms of price evaluation.

Most of the model presentations in the Guard Cabin

With its leadership in the sector, Karmod is the brand that has the widest variety of models and products in the guardhouse buildings. Continuously developing security cabin models with its leadership, Karmod's innovations are constantly followed and it shapes the sector.

Karmod presented the guard cabin, each of which was developed in four different models, with an exclusive design, to the customer's preference. These are polyester cabin, panel cabin, precast cabin and Metropol cabin models. The security cabins, each of which stands out with their modern architectural aesthetics, are shaped according to different expectations and places of use. Polyester cabin guard huts produced with the CTP system are among the most preferred models. The smallest dimension produced specifically for the use of single-person security personnel in the polyester cabin model is 150x150 cm. With this building system, which offers nearly twenty different sizes, 48 ​​m2 and 390x1230 buildings are produced as standard. The 215x215 and 215x270 watch hut are among the most preferred models. The 390x630 model is more in demand in areas such as industrial facilities and mass housing estates where multiple security personnel are employed. 390x750 is also preferred in this area of ​​use. There is a safety cabin with 150x270 WC in order to solve the need for WC for single personnel use.

CPT polyester cabin is produced in modern lines with the use of the best raw materials and new generation technologies. It has high insulation that saves energy with its roof and wall panels with special insulation application. The guardhouse is extremely advantageous with its ready-to-use presentation. It is immediately ready for use as soon as it is shipped. The electrical system of the building is ready-made up to the armatures and can be put into use immediately by making the main current connection from the junction box behind the building. It is ready for use until it reaches the waste and clean water installations and armatures in secure WC cabins with toilet units. In these, waste water and clean water mains can be connected and put into service.

Polyester security cabins are used in many areas, especially shopping mall and site security, factories, sports facilities, police checkpoints.

The other most preferred guard cabin model is the panel cabin system. Wall and roof panels in panel system cabins have sandwich panel system. Full construction sealing is provided and it saves energy as you use it with the advantage of the sandwich panel system. The single-person unit size in the panel cabin is 135x135 cm, and it is mostly preferred for construction site and housing projects. 135x210, 210x260, 260x260 and 240x400 panel cabins are among the standard watch hut productions.

Precast system security cabins are produced as standard in 150x150 and 150x270 dimensions. With its special design and paint, it adds a magnificent look and value to any place where it is placed. Among the places where the precast guardhouse is most preferred, there are areas such as consulates, business centers and shopping malls.

Metropol cabin is among the luxury concept products of Karmod in the guard cabin model. Standard production is made between 150x150 and 300x700 dimensions. It is designed in a combined and two-storey plan for special spaces, and structures in larger quantities are produced by projecting.

Guardhouse prices with advantages

You should also make the right choice for the security cabin in order for your security personnel to achieve the best work efficiency. Karmod cabin, which is specially designed for the best viewing, will turn the guard cabin prices into an advantage with its superior quality and energy-saving insulation as you use it. By choosing the right structure in the safety cabinet, you will profit once you use it.