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Disinfection Cabin

Our world has to struggle with the advantages of technological developments as well as the negativities they have caused in the last period. Among the negativities that have occurred, the virus pandemic threatens human life as an important threat. The Coronavirus (Covid 19) epidemic, which has affected the whole world we live in recently, is one of them. It is extremely important to take preventive measures against the spread of the epidemic against these threats. One of the most important tools to prevent all kinds of virus outbreaks is called the disinfectant cabin.

What is a Disinfectant Cabinet, what is it used for?

This important tool, also called the disinfection tunnel, is very effective in taking precautions against the virus, especially in areas with intense human activity. Disinfectant cabinet prices with mobile structure are also quite affordable according to the product function. It is both practical and effective to use in public building entrances such as shopping malls, city squares, subway entrances, train stations, and the palace of justice. The disinfectant cabin model has the advantage of ergonomic use in many areas with its sensors suitable for passage over and over. It works without blocking the transit traffic with its doorless tunnel system. It is used in extremely busy transition areas such as metro and bus stops by arranging them side by side without hindering the flow. It disinfects without wasting time at the moment of passage and helps to take the best precaution against the virus that can cause deadly effects.

How does a Disinfectant Cabin work?

Each of the disinfectant cabin models in different tunnel models are produced with Karmod expertise and offered for sale. It has been specially developed to contribute to the protection of public health with the new generation technologies of Karmod, the world leader in cabin production. The system works by activating the sensors placed in the disinfectant cabin, which stands out with its ergonomics. These sensors, which are sensitive to the movements in the cabin, act as soon as the person enters and the process is completed until they exit. In the disinfectant tunnel, spray nozzles are placed at 8 different points for full efficiency disinfection. Recommended disinfection time is 6 sec. and the system is automatically adjusted to this time. This time can be increased when necessary from the disinfectant machine unit installed next to the disinfectant tunnel cabin. The time relay on the machine makes it easy to decrease or increase the system seconds. The time relay prevents the waste of disinfectant in heavy use of the cabin in places such as the subway. It helps the effective use of the substance with the most ideal timing.

There are 8 separate nozzles placed in the Karmod cabin for the best ergonomics of use that are activated at the same time and provide ideal disinfection. It provides the best protection to human health against viruses by delivering disinfectant to every part of the body in a short time.

Workplaces and factories work more efficiently with the disinfectant cabin

The disinfectant cabin placed at the entrances of business centers and industrial production facilities, where the heart of commerce beats, contributes to efficiency by protecting health. In virus outbreaks that threaten our health, it disinfects our bodies every morning when we come to work, walking down the corridor, and moving to the production line. It gives confidence to office workspaces and factories in virus-related epidemics and contributes to increasing efficiency.

It is very easy to create the same trust with disinfectant cabins in shopping malls, hospitals, schools, transportation stations, subways and places with all kinds of public activity. You may not be aware of it, but it protects your health in the disinfectant tunnel special for intensive use without maintenance for many years. It takes the epidemic under control safely and provides protection at every step. Let the disinfectant cabin become widespread and prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Two different disinfectant cabin models from the expert

With the outbreak of the epidemic, which was experienced for the first time in modern life, Karmod, with its leadership in the sector, offered two different disinfectant cabin models to the service of public health. These special disinfectant tunnels, prepared with the CPT polyester cabinet and panel cabin system, stand out with their ergonomics and long-lasting use.

The production in the 150x215 polyester cabin model has wall and roof panels produced with CTP technology. The special glossy surface provides a modern appearance to the structure both outside and inside. It contributes to the comfort of use with its practical entrance and special floor. Special nozzles are activated with the activation of a special sensor from 8 different areas in the indoor unit. The placement of the nozzles is based on contact with every part of the human body. With the help of nozzles that spray simultaneously from the top, bottom and top sides, disinfectant contact occurs to every part of the body. Entrances and exits through doors in both directions are as easy as walking down a corridor. The sensor can be operated bidirectionally when desired. The CTP polyester disinfectant cabin model system is not affected by liquid contact. It can be used safely for many years with its non-corrosive features such as mold. It does not need paint care.

The Panel cabin disinfectant cabin dimension is prepared in 135x210 model. The walls and roofs of the building are completely produced with a sandwich panel system. The entrance and exit of the panel cabin disinfectant tunnel is carried out in the same way as a corridor. It disinfects every part of the body from top to bottom, with special nozzles from 8 different points by passing through it while walking.

Disinfectant Cabin suitable for disabled use

Specially designed cabins with Karmod expertise and ergonomics are prepared for the use of disinfectant cabins for the disabled. It is possible to enter the cabin with a disabled vehicle from the special inclined ramp and exit with the same comfort from the other direction. The specially designed wide door and ramp are used safely wherever disabled people are needed.

Cabin, machine automation, warehouse all in Karmod Disinfectant Cabin

Disinfectant cabins, where both models are manufactured with Karmod quality guarantee, have a disinfection machine as a special automation system. Machine automation, which is chosen in accordance with the product function by considering intensive usage conditions, is focused on problem-free operation. A time relay is included in the machine system. With the time relay, disinfection times can be adjusted by making them specific to the places of use. Its adjustment is quite practical. The standard tank used in Disinfectant Cabin models can store 100 liters of liquid disinfectant. This special warehouse, which is made of polyethylene long-lasting and fully recycled raw material, is produced by the Karmod group. It can be used indoors or outdoors without deformation for many years. Considering the intensive usage areas, larger storage tanks are adapted to the structure according to optional customer preferences.

Disinfectant Cabin optional device preferences

Optional device additions can also be made to the Karmod disinfectant cabin, which is produced in order to contribute to the best protection of public health. As standard, disinfectant tunnel, motion sensor, spray nozzles, disinfection machine, time relay and storage tank are supplied with the product. Disabled ramps are also included in the product. Apart from these standard applications, a fever measuring device terminal can be added to the cabin. While entering the disinfectant cabin with a fever measuring device, the temperature can be measured and an audible or light colored warning can be given according to the degree of fever. In case of high fever, the cabin becomes purified by taking the necessary precautions.

Karmod, enough for the most affordable Disinfectant Cabin Prices.

Among the cabins with different models of disinfectant cabins and devices, we recommend you to examine Karmod disinfectant cabin prices with its model and reasonable prices. Get detailed information from our sales teams about the different outstanding features of the building, definitely we will help you decide.

What to consider when buying a disinfectant cabin

There are disinfectant cabin models with different features in the market, where many products are offered due to the pandemia. The most important points to consider when purchasing a cabin are disinfectant cabins with their features, are they suitable for disinfection or not? This detail is very important so that you are not mistaken. Cabin strength, automation machine system, nozzles, sensor are the details that should be questioned both in quality and function of the product. Apart from that, of course, the reliability of the brand. With its leadership in the sector, Karmod has developed disinfectant cabins with the best disinfection performance, long-lasting, ergonomic in use, specially for your health. It is produced with expertise in modern facilities and offered to your use. We recommend you to meet the best disinfectant cabin model with its superiorities.

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