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Precast Cabin

At the top of the summit the new Precast Cabin safety cabin, developed under the expertise of Karmod, the leading manufacturer of modular cabin products in the world. The precast cabin, whose roof and walls are prepared by casting precast panels with specially developed molds, is also called cement cabin.

The name of the summit of the safety cabin: Precast Cabin

The new product, specially developed and prepared in Karmod in the R&D processes, is produced in 150x150 and 150x270 dimensions. The precast cabin model has been developed in line with the expectations of luxury construction in order to meet the expectations of the guard cabin in the best way. With its solid and insulated wall and roof panels, this custom security cabin is the best in the field. It is also called as steel cabin due to its structural superiority. For this reason, institutions that know the advantages of the precast cabin model consciously prefer the structure. Among these institutions, areas such as embassies, private schools, branded shopping centers, holding centers, which assume the mission of safeguard the country standing out.

With its magnificent modern appearance, the cement cabin structure, which adapts best to the place where it is placed, provides a different comfort to those who use it. All stages from production to ready-to-use presentation of private security cabins of both sizes are carried out with the expertise of Karmod. Wall and roof panels are shipped ready with insulation applications, interior and exterior coatings, special paint, electrical and water installations.

New generation wall technology in Precast Cabin

Precast cabin panels are prepared with a new generation formwork system and glass fiber reinforced concreting method. Glass fiber reinforcement provides high strength to the building walls against impacts by fully penetrating the special mixture concrete. The security cabin, whose walls and roofs are prepared with a special panel system, can be used for many years without any deformation. The panels, which are used in one piece in all four directions of the building, consist of five pieces with the roof panel and there is no extra joints.

Expertly prepared molds provide full density distribution during casting, making the high strength of the panel blocks equal at every point. In addition, the wall and roof panels coming out of the mold have a smooth surface. The same smooth surface is obtained in the special recesses and protrusions that add aesthetics to the building architecture on the exterior wall. When this surface is combined with the special paint produced by Jotun, a very aesthetic wall appearance emerges in the Precast Cabinet model.

High insulated Safety Cabin

The Precast cabin, whose wall and roof panels are prepared with the special system that we have described above, minimizes the heating and cooling budget due to the energy savings that it brings with its superior insulation. The safety cabin, where air conditioning is carried out with very little energy use, also stands out with the building comfort it provides.

Before the assembly phase of the building production, metal carcass is prepared with the combination of high galvanized coated profiles. This carcass is almost woven with metal mesh from the floor to the walls and roof. This braid also makes a significant contribution to the safety of the structure.

The carcass system is prepared in separate combinations for each of the 150x150 and 150x270 precast cabin models. At the same time, the lifting eye, which is a very important device in the shipment of the building, is prepared at the carcass stage and removed in the form of a ring over the roof. In the connection of the special eyebolt, the standard that will enable the structure to move practically with the crane is achieved.

When the carcass is prepared, the assembly of the wall panels into this carcass begins. Four monolithic walls and one roof panel are mounted on the main carrier chassis using special connection equipment and accessories. For the complete and smooth joining of the panels, special twisted aluminum lath apparatuses are used at the panel junction points.

At this stage, the structure is passed through the quality control stage for connection strength and trouble-free full sealing. When the installation of the wall and roof panels on the chassis is completed, the insulation application begins. At this stage, the laying of glass wool, which provides high insulation to the precast cabinet begins. With the 50 mm thick glass wool chassis support, it is laid on all the walls and the roof without any gaps before the interior closure.

With the isolation applications supported by special interior closures, the guard cabin rises to the best level with its insulation value. This system, which is ignored in most safety cabins, however, it creates a warm environment in the precast cabin on the coldest days of winter. It also offers a cool working environment on the hottest days of summer. Precast cabin prices, which contribute to the energy budget every month by saving energy, earn as you use them. This saving minimizes the safety cabin construction costs day by day.

High Gloss MDF panel comfort in Precast Cabin model

After the glass wool insulation application, which integrates the internal carcass to the wall and roof panels, the interior coating of the precast cabin model is started. In interior cladding, 8 mm special thickness High Gloss MDF panel is coated on all walls, thus bringing comfort to the building. High Gloss MDF revitalizes the interior of the building with its smooth glossy surface and ease of cleaning, which always preserves the appearance as the first day in use. It provides security personnel with peace of mind and contributes to increasing their productivity.

High Gloss panel has been specially chosen from the productions of Turkey's leading MDF brands AGT and Kastamonu Entegre. Coat color is “Emperador Beige”. In addition to the MDF standard coating application according to the customer's preference, optionally, concrete or plasterboard application can be made on the interior walls.

The precast cabin interior floor is supported by special carcasses and a solid floor is prepared. A special concrete slab is coated on the interior floor and 3 mm thick mineflö is applied to the Karmod guard cabins. Mineflö thickness is a special thickness for Karmod products and is different from other equivalent products, it prevents shrinkage and wear. After the Mineflö application, skirting boards are mounted on the four sides of the safety cabin.

Anthracite touches on the door and window of the security cabin

An important application that complements the external appearance quality of the precast cabin is the preference for the structure-specific aluminum door and window system in the joinery. In the door and window system, the security cabin has been given a unique advantage with the use of smoked reflective double glazing in anthracite gray aluminum joinery. In both models, 2 windows with opening wings and 1 fixed glass window are used as standard. The 150x150 precast cabin model can be produced in alternative options without windows, with windows on one side, with windows on two sides, and with windows on three sides. The 150x270 security cabin model, on the other hand, can be prepared with two long walls with windows, and the opposite short wall with or without windows. The opening direction of the windows is left to the customer's preference and can be changed optionally.

With the anthracite gray color preferred in the precast cabin model, the best harmony with modern architectural styles is aimed. By adding a special value to the smoked reflective glass structure, a building model worthy of the magnificence of the security points has been successfully put forward. The double glass system has made an extra contribution to the superior insulation on the building walls, increasing the energy savings to an inaccessible level for the guard cabin.

Precast exclusive Jotun paint system

Jotashield Surface Reinforcing Primer and Jotashield Super Durable paint, produced by the Jotun brand, are used for the exterior painting of the precast cabin. 3 lines on the upper part of the building panels, where this special paint is applied, which is in the product standard, is painted in gold leaf color and the paint combination is completed. Apart from the standard color application, the structure can be painted in alternative colors according to the customer's special request. Different paint alternatives facilitate corporate identity applications of special projects.

New style precast construction of armored security cabin

This structure, which is specially produced for security cabin uses, is especially preferred as an armored cabin for points requiring high security. Equipped according to armored security cabin standards, the precast cabin model BR7 is made safe against armor-piercing bullets. At this stage, all panels of the armored cabin are prepared with bulletproof steel cabin plates. Bulletproof guards' windows are also manufactured in full safety standards, in a way that does not allow armor-piercing bullets to pass.

The armored cabin, which is produced ready for use with Karmod quality assurance in all its stages, saves the defense industry budget with its price advantages. It provides safe protection to the police or military personnel who are confident in the armored security cabin with its solid stance, castle-like walls.

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