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Buffet Cabin

In the ready-to-use commercial building concept, special for your preference with 15 different buffet cabin models in sizes from 7 m2 to 48 m2. Karmod, the leading brand of mobile commercial buildings, manufactured in standard plans with its quality and production advantages has the advantage of standard production, the buffet cabin is produced in a short time after the order and made ready for use. Wherever it is in Turkey, it can be put into service as soon as it is delivered and placed on the day that it is shipped.

Your business opens the day the Buffet Cabin opens

With the advantage of wall panels that are highly insulated but occupy the least space, they can be easily placed anywhere in the city, especially in squares and parks. With its large usage volume in the interior, it stands out with its advantage among the buffet cabin models. Its windows, which are designed to be quite large for the size of the building, reflect light on the interior. Even if the lighting fixtures are not lit during the day, the intensity of daylight illuminates the interior. By attaching a movable glass mechanism to the safe tempered glass preferred for windows, buffet cabin sales can be made without the need for a door.

Special Buffet Cabin shelf system for sales

One of the important details that facilitates product presentation in sales is the shelf system. Making use of the expertise of Karmod this special shelf system for the buffet cabin is prepared with optional application according to the customer's preference. With this ease, the products are placed on the shelves on the day the building is shipped, and the sales begin immediately.

Motorized shutter system in Karmod Buffet Cabin

The security Sales office cabin is provided together with a special mounting, an automatic shutter system to the Karmod buffet cabin window system as an optional application. In the same way, the building is made safer against possible negativities when motorized blinds are applied to the entrance door of the buffet. As with every detail of the office cabin, the electrical installation system is ready for use. The electrical system, designed with Karmod expertise specific to production in all sizes, has full fire safety.

Risks are not allowed by using the best cable thickness in the installation application, which is calculated considering the maximum energy consumption to be used by the buffet cabin. The cables are neatly hidden in the cabinet junction areas. The cable to the lighting fixture on the roof panel is safely passed through the special channel between the panel. The use of VIKO brand fuses and switch-socket with fully realistic ampere rating, the best lighting fixtures are all together in the Karmod cabin. Every precaution is safe, so that coolers – heaters work smoothly in your sales kiosk and you can earn money.

Karmod Buffet Cabin is next to shopkeepers

The Karmod Buffet cabin is next to the shopkeepers with its ready-to-use practical buildings that it brings to many service areas such as the market, bread kiosk, cafeteria and restaurant. With our sales cabins, we support the tradesmen who want to open a business by combining their small savings, which they have created with great effort, with their professional experience. We offer buffet cabins to them without dealing with wearing practices such as construction, renovation and decoration of the workplace they will open. Moreover, we provide the opportunity to open a workplace wherever they want without being limited to a certain place.

You will definitely win with the buffet cabin

With the buffet cabin, you do not have to fix your work at one point. When you want to increase your sales by trying different places, you can easily move your sales kiosk to different points with the mobile cabin feature. Mobile portable superiority provides the advantage of transporting buffet cabins to areas such as coastal areas and plateaus, especially in the summer months when the summer cottage population is concentrated. Make a profit every day of the year by turning a raw meatball or baklava shop in city centers in winter into an ice cream shop in holiday areas in summer.

Pizza and raw meatballs found the concept of buffet cabin

Brands that have completed their institutionalization by proving themselves with taste in the food sector are rapidly expanding their dealer networks with buffet cabins. The sales points to be opened by new stakeholders with the franchising method become easier with the Karmod cabin, and the dealer network is growing rapidly. Brand awareness is heard all over Turkiye long before the targeted time. Competition becomes colorful and records are coming in turnover growth targets. Karmod buffet cabin brings a new concept to the franchising system. The taste of raw meatballs and the wonderful smell of pizza surrounds the whole of Turkey.

Doner Kebab restaurants enjoy winning with a buffet cabin 

Marketplaces, parks, city squares, streets… Doner shops enjoy the pleasure of earning by immediately starting sales with buffet cabins. Workplaces are instantly ready without dealing with renovation, repair, decoration works. On the day the cabin is shipped, the stalls are set up and the delicious smell of meat doner or chicken doner reaches the customers. Whether you want a portion or takeaway, ice-cold ayran or cola from the cabin, from the buffet cabin to the customer tasting instantly.

Cafeterias, hamburgers sellers came to customers with buffet cabins

There are so many areas of use that the ready-to-use concept of Karmod Buffet cabin is preferred. Cafeterias are one of them. A large number of foods such as tea, coffee, hamburger, and toast meet customers from cafes every day. With its practical layout, the buffet cabin gets to the streets and brings the cafeterias to the closest point to the customers.

Moreover, without dealing with building construction and decoration processes. Make your planning, set up your team, open your branches instantly with the Karmod buffet cabin and start earning right away.

Public Bread sellers meet the consumers with a Buffet Cabin

Karmod Buffet Cabin is the first preferred building model for bread producers, which are subsidiaries of public institutions such as municipalities that bring their products to consumers. Just like in Istanbul Turkiye's largest city with a population of over 16 million. Istanbul Halk Ekmek A.Ş., a subsidiary of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. (IHE) Karmod is the institution that provides the buffet cabins. IHE produces 2 million pieces of bread and delivers it to the people of Istanbul every day. Karmod buffet cabin makes a significant contribution to the meeting of Istanbul Halk bread with consumers, with its shelf system special for bread sales and its movable sales glass. Karmod cabin pioneer the delivery of healthy bread to the people of Istanbul with its hygienic and healthy environment. Morning and evening, the shelves are repeatedly filled and emptied with fresh and healthy bread. At every corner of the Istanbul the Karmod buffet cabins meets customers with fresh bread and bakery products in buffet cabins.

215x215 and 270x270 the most preferred buffet cabins

The most preferred buffet cabin models in the public bread sector are the 215x215 and 270x270. Istanbul Halk Ekmek prefers both models according to their usage location. While 270x270 cabins are used in larger areas such as parks and gardens, 215x215 bread kiosks are used on the streets for ease of passage.

Istanbul People's Bread Inc. Karmod buffet cabins are also preferred in many places throughout Turkiye. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality public bread and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality public bread are among the prominent organizations. Samsun Ilkadim Municipality and Gebze Municipality are among the other organizations that prefer Karmod buffet cabins.

No more shop rent with Buffet Cabin prices

With its ready-to-use concept superiority, buffet cabin prices relieve tradesmen. It terminates the trouble of paying the rent by calling the shop. Moreover, there is no need to deal with time-consuming and costly applications such as renovation and decoration. With very attractive Karmod buffet cabin prices, tradesmen avoid paying rent by becoming a shop owner with their own savings.