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Toilet Cabin

Toilet Cabin everywhere required

With its ready-to-use portable mobile product presentation, the toilet cabin has the advantage of practical use wherever it is placed. It is used safely in many areas such as squares, public gardens, factories, construction sites, picnic areas, mosques. It suits everywhere with its special design and can be put into service in different areas by changing its place with the mobile production style. Toilet cabins from single units to multiple units are manufactured with standard production. Single, double and triple portable WCs are among the most widely used models. As a standard, the interior layout of the unit can be prepared as a toilet bowl, Turkish style or shower tray according to the customer's preference. The Karmod toilet cabin, which has a prefab concept production system, is shipped to your door when you place an order.

In addition to the toilet unit, it is ready for your use with electrical installation, waste and clean water installation applications. The electrical and water installation system has been specially designed for the toilet cabin model and its applications are carried out with expertise in the quality control system. Optionally, the washbasin is assembled ready-to-use with the installation of a shower, toilet or floor stone unit. The clean water installation, bidet and sink taps of Karmod WC cabins are shipped ready with their reservoir connections assembled. The mains connection is left behind the cabin in such a way that it can be easily made from the outlet prepared with the plumbing. The waste water system was collected in the back-connection outlet pipe by collecting the sink and main unit drains with a special project. When the waste outlet at the back is connected to the sewer line, the toilet cabin becomes ready for use immediately. Where there is no sewerage network, the rear outlet can be used by connecting to the septic tank or septic tank.

The electrical system in all of our toilet cabin models has been prepared with a special project. The electrical installation has been upgraded to a full fire safety standard with the best material selection and quality control practice. With Karmod's special expertise, possible fire risks have been eliminated and the building has been made to be used safely. In the electrical system, the cable connections are completely made with the help of special clips, and the installation is safely collected in the fuse box on the door. First quality VIKO full amperage fuses are preferred for fuses. The ideal fixture that will meet the building needs in the most ergonomic way was preferred and placed on the ceiling of the toilet cabin. The socket, together with the lighting switch, is placed in the WC cabin according to the ergonomics of use. Shaver, hair dryer, blow dryer etc. devices can be operated safely. The electrical wiring is transferred to a special junction box placed at the back of the cabinet for mains connection. The wiring in this junction box can be easily connected to the central grid, and electricity can be supplied to the building in a short time.

PVC door system specific to the structure was produced and mounted. With the use of frosted glass unique to Karmod on the upper part of the door, it facilitates the use of the building during the daytime without the need for electricity. The toilet cabin door has a special locking system from the inside and can be locked very practically.

The ventilation of our toilet cabin models is carried out with a prefab system through the ventilation grille located at the back. With healthy ventilation, the cabin is prepared for use again in a short time.

Ease of hygiene in the Toilet Cabin

The toilet cabin, which is produced with detailed solutions with Karmod expertise, also stands out with its ease of cleaning in hygienic conditions. Karmod mobile wc, where full sealing applications are carried out inside the building as well as outside the building, can be easily cleaned. Along with the units, the special anti-wear floor surface makes cleaning much easier. Cleaning can be done with the use of pressurized water or a brush. It has a non-deformable floor surface that can be cleaned many times without wear. After each cleaning, it preserves its bright and bright surface such as the first day. With its special glossy coating, the floor is stain-proof and helps easy cleaning.

Use the toilet cabin the same day

You can put the toilet cabin into service the same day by choosing the ready-to-use toilet cabin unit from the electrical installation to the sewage system. To put it into operation, it is sufficient to connect the waste and clean water to the central mains pipes. In places where there is no network, you can use the water by connecting it to the water tank. If you do not have a sewer connection at the place where it is located, you can make the toilet cabin available by connecting it to a special septic tank or septic tank.

You can meet your toilet needs in the easiest way by purchasing one of Karmod's many single and multi-unit toilet cabins right away. Get information, you will find the toilet cabin prices of the reviewer very attractive. If you decide to have a toilet with classical methods, the long construction process and dealing with different masters will tire you and you will spend huge money. Single closets, showers, floor stones or multiple units, all of which are offered together, are all for your use. Whatever kind of wc you need, you can easily buy it with Karmod's ready-made structures. Check out the toilet cabin prices and models, which will save you from the construction time and the costs of dealing with a large number of masters, and profit.