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Taxi Ranks

The Special structures for Taxi Stations with its modern architecture that adds value to the place where it is placed and the comfort provided by specially designed ergonomics are special for stops with the Karmod quality. With the expertise of Karmod, the leading brand in prefab buildings, the production is made in two different building styles for Taxi stand models. both of which are compatible with modern architecture, forms the aesthetic new face of Metropol Cabin taxi stands, which is in the luxury class of these buildings. It provides the taxi drivers with the comfort of their homes, with the elegance of the outside and the modern architectural and interior richness of the taxi stands.

Building comfort special to Taxi Stations

The taxi stand cabin, which is offered to the use of the taxi drivers with Karmod quality satisfaction assurance, also creates a construction model with CTP polyester production system. In this model, prefab buildings in 14 different sizes ranging from 270x270 to 48 m2 are offered to taxi drivers.

Building model compatible with Urban Design Projects Karmod Taxi Stations

Karmod Taxi Stations are a building model compatible with the Urban Design Projects carried out with the support of the Urban Design Directorates of the municipalities under the leadership of the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization. Our specially designed taxi stand cabin contributes fully to the preservation of the historical, cultural, natural, social and economic characteristics of the cities targeted by the project. For this reason, Karmod structures are preferred in taxi huts purchased by Metropolitan Municipalities to support tradesmen. As a solution partner to many municipalities, Karmod brings taxi stands together with modern architecture.

In general use, the Karmod taxi stand cabin, which is placed on the sides of streets and streets in city centers, integrates with the space with the concept of urban furniture. It beautifies the place where it is placed and adds value. With its elegance, it integrates the neighborhood concept with common buildings such as mosque, health centers and headman's office. It turns into one of the prestige places of the street and the neighborhood.

Metropol Booth brings the comfort of home to Taxi Stations

Metropol Booth has been specially designed to best adapt and add value to the new architecture of modern cities. With the experience gained by the expertise in the sector, together with the R&D department, a special product was developed for taxi stands with the studies in the product development processes. The new architectural product brought the home comfort to the taxi driver cabins who work day and night under difficult conditions with traffic stress, etc. Metropol taxi booth dimensions, which are specially designed for the usage area, are shipped with prefabricated production starting from 300x300 to 300x700. Each product is made ready for use as soon as it is lowered to the station with a crane on the day it is shipped.

The most popular Taxi Stop model is the model with kitchen and WC booth.

Buildings that include a tea shop and toilet cabin, which are the basic needs of taxi stops. For this reason, the most attention in the demands is directed to the buildings where the kitchen and WC booth are together. Both the tea room and the toilet booth unit are delivered prefab by Karmod's expertise. Alternative applications of floor stone or toilet unit in the toilet unit are made optionally. The armatures and units preferred in WC have the same quality and comfort as the materials used in a standard house. In metropolitan taxi stand buildings, the toilet is generally projected to the back of the building and access is made from a different door. This application in the plan separates the toilet from the main hall and contributes to the comfort of use. The building-specific grille in the toilet booth helps the unit to ventilate and prepares it for subsequent uses.

The most striking part of the interior design of Karmod taxi stands models is the main hall. The spacious design superiority in the hall of the Karmod Metropol hut is immediately noticeable as soon as you enter the building. In the design of the saloon, it is aimed to provide the comfort of home to the taxi drivers who run to the service of the citizens with every new call day and night. The tiredness of the newly completed service and the stress caused by the traffic are left behind in this hall. Fresh teas, boiling bubblingly in the tea room, are sipped from thin-waisted glasses, and conversations with friends deepen. The taxi driver, who is on call for a stop, sits in the seat of his vehicle with vigor to safely transport new customers to their destination. After the service, they share the conversation that continues at the taxi stop, and fresh tea are sipped from the stove.

The brightest places are at the Karmod Taxi Stand

Karmod Metropol Takis stop illuminates the stop during the day without the need for electricity, with large-sized windows specially designed for the building. By eliminating the electricity consumption of the station during the daytime, the taxi stand saves its owner from the monthly expense budget. The double-glazed system used in first quality PVC windows contributes to the general insulation of the building. Ventilation is done easily with wing openings.

The Best taxi stands prices in the Karmod CTP buildings

The polyester taxi stops, produced in modern facilities with the expertise of the leading brand Karmod and with CTP technology, is among the most preferred models by the station owners. Again, this model, which is compatible with modern architecture, is mostly preferred by those looking for the best advantage in taxi stand prices. In this model, the most preferred size is 270x270 cm polyester cabin, and the building has a production size of 48 m2 up to 390x1230. In the CTP model, 14 different sizes are offered to the use of taxi stands according to the number of employees.

The easy way to own a Taxi Stand

Karmod prefab concept makes the work of stop owners easier with its aesthetic and comfortable buildings. Whichever taxi stand is preferred from dozens of models, it becomes ready for use on the day it is shipped. With this advantage, it becomes easier to open a taxi stand and renovate the existing building. While Metropol cabin structures are lowered into place with a crane, CPT cabin models can be manually lowered from the vehicle with a special apparatus.

What does earn with a Ready Taxi Stand?

The most basic convenience of prefab taxi stand buildings is that they do not bother the tradesmen with long and complicated construction processes. As we emphasized above, all station structures can be put into service as soon as the shipment is completed. It is not possible for you to achieve this advantage in classical building models, and long construction processes are also encountered.

First of all, you will need to have an architect that draw a project before you can start the construction. And at the same time, you have to pay an extra price for it. However, it is enough to like one of the many alternative projects in Karmod products.

What else will the classical method cost you?

When you have the project prepared, you will also need to call a mold maker for concrete. Making an appointment with the concrete company after the formwork. Then you'll have to call the mason, then the electrician and plumber. Of course, an insulation firm is also needed to insulate the walls. Then the plasterer will come. You have to call another master for the screed. You will need to sign an order contract by liking the door and window. Don't forget the roof. You have completed everything and you will need a painter. If all your business goes well, at best, you can only open your taxi stand within six months.

We briefly recalled the difficulty of constructing a taxi stand with the classical method. Karmod Metropol provides both comfort and time savings to taxi cabin buildings with its polyester structures in the cabin and CTP technology. You can have a modern taxi stand cabin in a short time without the hassle of construction processes and many different craftsmen. Moreover, it is ready for use as soon as it is shipped.

The most preferred Taxi Stand size

Karmod products are very attractive with taxi stand prices that save you from dealing with long construction processes. The biggest factors that determine the size of the taxi stand model choice are the cabin prices and the number of station employees. The 300x300 is the best-selling model in the Metropol booth. In the CTP Polyester cabin model, the 270x390 taxi stand cabin is among the most preferred ones. Tea stove and toilet additions are made to the models according to customer preferences.

How would you like to have Karmod taxi cabins, which add value to spaces with their architectural harmony on the outside, and bring the comfort of home to taxi drivers with their spacious interior environment?