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Prefab Toilet

What is a Prefab Toilet?

The WC model, whose units are ready for use with electrical and water installations with mobile portable feature, is called prefab toilet. The prefab concept has increased the interest in the toilet cabin and it is preferred in many different areas of use. With the assurance of Karmod, prefab toilets are produced in single, double, triple and even more multiple units and offered for use. Depending on the customer's preference, the interior of the unit is ready-to-use in the form of a European-style closet, a Turkish style floor stone or a shower cabin. A urinal unit can also be mounted on the mobile WC cabin if desired.

Among Karmod's standard prefab toilet productions, there is also the production of the disabled WCs. The disabled toilet has an international standard of use. The door is prepared with a special width for the entrance of wheelchairs and it is entered through the door using the disabled ramp. A spacious environment has been arranged for the use of the disabled in the cabin, and the WC unit and special handles have been placed in accordance with the criteria for disabled use.

All of the prefab toilet cabin models produced with Karmod quality assurance are prepared in long-lasting usage standards. All accessories, especially the units, used in the toilet cabin have appearance and comfort of use. Quality brands are preferred in units and accessories and they are used safely for many years. Reservoir system for unit cleaning is installed ready to use. With the ventilation grille, unpleasant odors that may occur after use are eliminated and the toilet cabin is made ready for the next use. The washbasin unit has been placed in the prefab toilet considering the ergonomics of use. Mirror mounted on the sink. Toilet paper holder was placed next to the bidet spout, again considering the ergonomics of use. Hanger behind the door is among the standard applications. In construction site and garden uses, optionally a shower phone is placed inside the toilet cabin unit, and the cabin functions as a WC - shower.

Where is the Prefab Toilet used?

Prefabricated toilet cabins with practical solutions are preferred in many different areas of use. First of all, it fully meets the expectations of a standard WC with its interior comfort. For this reason, the use of portable WCs is not specific to a specific area. Here we can talk about the prominent usage areas of the building. Construction sites are among the areas where prefab toilet cabins are most preferred. Picnic areas, city squares, mosque fountains, fields and gardens, recreational facilities can be counted among other places of use.

In construction site uses, the preference of double or triple prefab toilet models is more common. Units are prepared according to the choice of toilet bowl, floor stone or shower tray. The more common choice is the choice of a double unit, one for the toilet and the other for the floor stone. This choice is determined by the usage preference of the personnel involved in the construction. Three different unit placements attract more attention in the triple prefab toilet layout. In this, one unit is a closet, while the other unit is prepared with a ground stone unit. The other third cabin is arranged as a shower cabin. With this triple combination, all the needs of the construction site can be met with a single structure. The mobile toilet can be designed and produced according to the number of personnel involved in the project. A toilet cabin with one unit is sufficient for an average of 7 to 10 personnel. You can get information from a Karmod expert for the number of WC and shower cabins that may be needed for construction site uses.

After the use of the factory production facilities, the mobile WC cabin is the most preferred area of ​​use. When it is desired to add an additional toilet structure to the existing factory building with a reinforced concrete system, occupancy problems are encountered. For this reason, the prefab toilet is a very good solution for factory production facilities with its mobile feature. According to the number of employees, the mobile WC produced with Karmod quality assurance in the unit can be put into use by making network connections on the day it arrives.

Picnic areas are among the places where prefabricated toilet cabins are widely used. Especially picnic areas in national parks and protected areas prefer the mobile WC model. A prefab toilet provides practical solutions to these areas where there is no construction permit.

Prefab Toilet prices are very attractive

First of all, the buy and use model is the most important factor that makes prefab toilet prices very attractive. When you try to build a toilet in your garden, factory or construction site, you have to deal with many problems starting from the project. However, Karmod produces long-lasting prefab toilet cabins with ready-to-use concept portable WC models. It saves you from dealing with a large number of craftsmen, including the construction processes. Not to mention the budgets you will spend for a small building. Whether you need a single or multiple unit toilet bowl, floor stone or shower cabin, whatever model you need, prefab toilet prices are with you.

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