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Prefab Cabin

Prefabricated Cabin, its advantages special for you

We are so accustomed to seeing the prefabricated cabin, which plays an important role with its compatibility with modern architecture, in every moment of life. It has almost become part of life. You know, we always want to live the moment with a photograph when we are sitting in a cafe or sometimes having a beautiful view. Once you see it, it appeared behind you or next to you in the photo frame. But it never bothers you, it makes you visible, noticeable, meaningful. It integrates with the frame of the moment, adding even more beauty to the mother. That's the Karmod prefab cabin.

The prefabricated cabin is next to the security personnel in difficult times

Today, the perception of security has changed and mission points have both increased and expanded. A large number of employees are employed in the security sector, both public and private. Security personnel spend a significant part of their working hours in the prefabricated cabin. They almost become one with the building, it becomes like their home for them. Each of them creates a working culture and order in their own guardhouse. They are on duty for all four seasons, cold in winter and hot in summer. Even though they sometimes work in risky areas due to their duties, it is a prefabricated cabin house for the guards. It comforts him often with a photo of his little child he puts on the front bench or a picture of a landscape he hangs on the cabin panel at the back. Although his job requires seriousness, the security guard is also human. There are those whom he loves, who are waiting for his way sometimes at night and sometimes during the day. They have love, emotions and hope. In these feelings, the prefabricated cabin, which will protect him in difficult duty areas and harsh climates, and feel at home, is his friend.

What is a prefab cabin?

When it comes to prefabricated, ready-made structures come to mind, which are manufactured in factory pre-production and do not need any construction phase at the place of use. Based on this definition, the prefabricated cabin is completely manufactured on the factory production line. It does not need any construction materials or labor at the place it is shipped. As soon as it is lowered to the place of use, the prefabricated cabin is ready to serve. It has many different uses. Among these, the most common usage areas are the watch box and the sales kiosk.

How are prefabricated cabins produced?

We have stated that prefabricated cabins, which provide solutions to building needs in a closed space of up to fifty square meters, are produced ready for use and shipped. This superiority of the building is among the biggest factors in its preference. Because when users find a building that is fully resolved with its building safety, quality and comfort, they never want to deal with construction processes. Who will deal with many processes and workmanship such as the project, foundation, concrete, wall, plasterer, electrician, plumber, roofer. First of all, we should emphasize that the prefabricated cabin model offers these advantages together.

Now we can talk about the production phase. Let us first emphasize that Karmod prefabricated cabins are produced in different building models in modern facilities. There is a serious organization and use of technology in the production phase. Prefab cabins with nearly fifty types of standard plan are manufactured by passing through this organization during production and meet with their users. In production, first of all, the production of panels is carried out. Depending on the preferred structure, these panels can be produced in CPT polyester cabin or sandwich panel cabin model. Each stage of panel production is carried out by advancing in the technological tape system. In both models, wall and roof panels are produced according to the size of the building and taken to the assembly line.

Wall panels are mounted on the carrier chassis prepared in the assembly line. Door and window assemblies are also carried out at this stage. In the next stage, the fully sealed roof panel is assembled and the prefabricated cabin emerges. In CPT cabins, product-specific projected electrical cables are passed through the panel joints and hidden with special closures. The wiring of the luminaire placed on the roof panel is still carried out during the panel production phase.

Each product has a specially designed installation for full fire safety in the Karmod Prefab cabin electrical system. Special cable thickness is preferred based on the highest energy use that will be needed in the building. The fuse system is Viko brand and has full ampere rating. Safety is not left to chance by using special terminals for cable connections. According to the size of the building, luminaires that provide a bright light environment are preferred.

In the models with prefabricated cabin toilet, the sanitary and waste water systems have a system with a special project for the structure. In the assembly line, waste and clean water installations, WC unit, sinks, reservoir and taps are assembled and made ready for use. After the sealing tests of the cabin are done, it goes through the quality control approval. The waste water system has a rear outlet and can be easily connected to the central sewer system. The clean water outlet is connected to the central network with the help of the tap at the end. You can find solutions to all your building needs with attractive prefabricated cabin prices.