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Mobile Shower

Mobile Shower is wherever you want it

The mobile shower, produced with a prefab concept, offers a great solution for different areas of use. With its light structure feature, it can be easily transferred and placed anywhere. All of the mobile shower models prepared with the expertise of Karmod are delivered to your door in a ready-to-use condition. In the cabins, the shower tray, shower phone, hot and cold water mixer can be used. Waste and clean water installation systems specially designed for the mobile shower cabin are assembled during the production phase and passed through the quality control system.

All 135x135 panel cabins or 150x150 CPT polyester cabin mobile shower models stand out with their ideal height and large interior volume. Taking a shower in the ergonomic environment of the cabin, which is closed from the inside with a special lock system, turns into a pleasant use. Lighting inside the cabin is carried out using the luminaire located on the roof panel. In daytime use, a bright environment can be created without the need for electricity, from the special frosted glass on the door. The cabin-specific shower tray has been prepared in the R&D product development processes and has a long-lasting use standard. It is used safely in intensive shower environments such as construction site worker camps, factories, social facilities, carpet pitches. The mobile shower tray is stain-proof with its special shine-enhanced surface. It is easily cleaned and makes the cabin ready for hygienic uses.

Nothing is left to chance by performing plumbing and other sealing tests of the mobile shower cabin. The waste water system is made ready for connection by starting from the shower cabin and combining with the sink drain, making a connection from the back. In usage areas with city sewerage, connection to the network is easily made from this outlet. Mobile shower clean water installation is carried out by Karmod. Fixtures such as reservoirs, faucets and sink faucets are mounted and an outlet is provided outside the cabin for the installation network connection. In places where there is a central water network, it can be easily integrated into the system from this connection. In places such as vineyards and picnic areas where there is no central water system, water can be supplied to the building by using a water storage tank.

The electrical system of the Mobile Shower cabins has been specially designed and its application is carried out in fire safety with the expertise of Karmod. The interior lighting of the building is provided by the lighting fixture on the ceiling panel. A socket with a safe cover is placed inside the structure for the use of devices such as shavers, hair dryers and blow dryers. Optionally, electric water heaters can be supplied in mobile shower cabins. Installation and commissioning of the electric water heater is carried out by the authorized services of the company.

Mobile Shower in factories and in rest facilities

Mobile shower with mobile system is preferred and used in many areas today. The most common place of use where the shower cabin is preferred is construction sites. Many projects such as construction, road construction, energy and mining especially prefer mobile toilet buildings. The most important reason for this is the advantages of the prefab presentation of the mobile shower model. Competing with time in terms of training deadlines, site project owners save time by choosing prefab toilet cabin buildings. Conscious construction site investors are turning the time they would lose in building toilets and shower cabins into profits with ready-to-use concept economical mobile shower prices. Hundreds of workers take practical after-work showers in a space-saving multi-unit or single unit stacked side by side. The shower structures at the construction site are instantly ready, and the workers leave the tiredness of the day behind.

Social facilities are among the areas where the mobile shower model is widely used. The need for a shower, which has not been planned before, can be made ready on the same day with mobile units. The mobile shower can be made ready for use by placing it in a suitable area in the garden inside the building or outside the building. The prefab shower cabin can be put into service directly when the clean water system is connected to the central system with the waste water pipe at the back. In other areas of use where portable shower cabins are preferred, there are sports facilities similar to astroturf pitch. Recently, villa gardens are among the places where the mobile shower cabins prices are requested. The shower cabin brings a very practical solution to this need, especially in the place where the personnel who are interested in the maintenance and landscaping of the villa stay.

Check out the Mobile Shower prices

From the shower tray to the plumbing system and fixtures, the prefab portable shower prices will also appeal to you. Moreover, you can take it into service on the day it is delivered to you. The mobile shower is an all-around great invention. Just think about it, without having to deal with the project, foundation, construction processes, and without having to deal with the masters, the prefab building comes to your feet. Moreover, with its long-lasting and modern unit content. You can buy the building that suits your needs by examining the mobile shower prices, where many models are offered.