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Garden Hut

In your garden the comfort of the garden cabin

Bring the comfort of home to your garden with the modern garden cabin, which is ready for your use. Many families working in the field of agriculture spend certain periods of the year in the gardens and fields. Orchards such as apples, citrus fruits, pomegranates and bananas and fields where vegetables such as beans, beets and potatoes are grown turn into our homes at certain times of the year. Gardens require irrigation, hoeing, pesticides, pruning and care. A garden cabin is the best fit for farmers who put in their hard work miles from home. The comfort of the garden cabin, prepared with Karmod quality and expertise, is worthy.

The interest in the use of garden cabin with its prefab concept practicality has increased so much recently that new areas of use have been added. The hobby activity gardens created at certain distances close to the city centers are among the new usage areas of the cabin. Again, we can emphasize the vineyard plots, which attract great attention especially during the corona pandemic period, in the concentrated usage areas.

Many people who buy land in locations close to the city prefer mobile portable garden cabins instead of building houses. Because mobile units offer accommodation without the need for concrete foundations and permits in most places of use. Garden huts are also preferred in villas. The keepers and their families, who usually carry out villa maintenance and garden landscaping, stay in these cabins and continue their daily lives.

Advantages of the Garden cabins 

First of all, garden cabins prices are very attractive. With prefab production, It can be produced it in modern facilities and have it shipped wherever you want. All masteries are included in the price. When you buy the product, you do not deal with its wall, door or window. Moreover, the electrical and water installations have also been carried out as a project. The garden cabin is ready for your use the day it arrives wherever you want. You can choose a building model that is large enough for a single person or to fit your family. Mobile units in nature conservation and protected areas do not generally require a license. You can get full information about this from the municipalities that your garden is connected to. Wherever it is, garden cabins also save you from the problem of foundation concrete.

It is permissible to throw concrete in gardens all over Turkey. You can easily place it there by creating a smooth floor for the cabin. Creating a support from the profile, such as a metal carcass, will make your use much easier. With its high insulation, the guardhouses produced with Karmod quality are suitable for outdoor uses such as gardens. It prepares cool living environments in summer with its wall and roof insulation. It can be heated very easily in the cold days of winter. Ready-to-use electrical and water installations are also an important advantage. The water installation has been completed up to the kitchen sink and toilet unit, and other fixtures such as taps and reservoirs have been assembled ready for use. The system becomes ready for use by connecting the mains to the clean water inlet fitting located behind the garden cabins. In places where there is no network, it can be integrated into the system by using a water tank.

Toilet waste water drain is given from the back and can be connected to the septic tank prepared in usage areas such as fields where there is no sewerage. The solution is easy for those who do not want to deal with the septic tank. In this case, a waste water tank that can be buried under the ground may be preferred.

Garden Cabins models

With Karmod's expertise, there are many prefab garden cabins models in different plans. In the polyester cabin with CTP system, the largest dimension is 390x1230 cm and has a usage area of ​​48 m2. The garden shed is ideal for family use. It is shipped to every region of Turkey with a single vehicle with ready-to-use production. 270x510 and 3390x630 dimensions are also preferred in the garden cabin.

The 240x400 sized structure produced with the panel cabin model is a cabin model suitable for other garden use. The most preferred model in gardens is the garden shed with the size of 3x7. These structures, produced with the new generation container system, have a sandwich panel system from wall to roof and stand out with their high insulation. With the living comfort it offers, it does not look like a standard house. This building model is generally preferred for family uses. With its 125 mm roof sandwich panel, it offers a cool indoor environment even in scorching hot weather.

In the container garden cabin model for family use, the 1 1 room model is highly preferred. The building quantity can be increased by adding a veranda in front of the building. When the building is entered through the main door in the middle, two separate room doors open from the inside to the right and left. Directly opposite is the toilet and shower cabin. The kitchen sink is placed inside one of the rooms. The container garden cabin, which integrates with the veranda, is ideal for summer and field uses.

An opportunity not to be missed with garden cottage prices

The garden cabins prices produced under the expertise of Karmod, where prefab buildings in nearly 30 different sizes and plans are offered, contain unmissable opportunities. Choose these innovative structures, each of which becomes ready for use when it reaches the place you desire, and relax. As do thousands of users every year. Get rid of high costs without dealing with concrete, long construction processes and different craftsmen. You can evaluate the opportunities by contacting Karmod for attractive garden cabin prices.