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Polyethylene Cabin

The Polyethylene Mobile Toilet Cabin, which is a prefab designed and produced ready to use with all unit accessories, is the most practical way to make life easier. Mobile Toilet is produced from high-strength polyethylene raw material with rotation technology with molds specially prepared for the structure. The mobile toilet, which is baked with technological uses heat treatment during the production phase, has perfect production with all its interior and exterior surfaces.

The most practical way to make life easier, Polyethylene Mobile Toilet Cabin

Produced with long life resistance, polyethylene mobile wc is used safely in many areas of life. With its practical use, the portable toilet is the most preferred mobile WC model in outdoor organizations such as rallies, concerts and sports events. In addition, industrial facilities such as picnic areas, street market places and factories are among the places where portable toilets are most preferred. The biggest factor in preferring the Mobile toilet cabin in these areas is that the unit has the lightest weight that can be easily transported to any area.

Every detail, from the building body to the private toilet and sink units, is produced from high-strength but lightweight polyethylene raw material. This raw material simplifies both the use of the mobile toilet cabin and its repeated transfer to other areas. The weight of a prefab toilet with all its accessories is only 107 Kg. When necessary, a single person can load vehicles such as pickup trucks or trucks with the help of skids and can be moved easily. With its 115x115 cm size, it can be easily placed in any area. As the name suggests, the prefabricated toilet cabin includes clean and waste water storage tanks as well as the ready unit. There is a 180-liter clean water tank at the top of the mobile unit and a 150-liter waste water storage reservoir at the bottom.

Mobile WC and Portable Shower together in a polyethylene cabin

Mobile WC and Portable Shower units are manufactured in the highly functional mobile WC cabin, which is produced with the expertise of Karmod, considering the functional usage details. It is possible to produce Turkish style stone, European style toilet bowls or cabins with shower units, completely according with the customer's preference. We would like to emphasize that this special toilet cabin also includes models with urinal application. Ergonomics of use in all three units of the mobile toilet cabin is the main structural feature that stands out. The interior layout, expertly designed by Karmod, has brought privileges to the portable toilet model.

First of all, the spacious interior is one of the first details to be resolved in the design. The toilet unit usage problems experienced in similar mobile units have been completely eliminated in the Karmod mobile toilet cabin, and the building has been given full ergonomics. The same comfort of use has been expertly designed and reflected in production in both the toilet bowl and the stone unit and the mobile shower unit.

Prefabricated portable toilet every detail has been considered

There is nothing in this product. Every detail has been considered for the best comfort in the prefab portable toilet model. You will be amazed when you examine the details inside the unit. Every detail in the portable WC, from the toilet paper holder, was planned and prepared for luxury use. Just like in homes, every comfort in the toilet unit is applied exactly in the Karmod prefab portable toilet.

First of all, we mentioned that the waste septic tank and the clean water tank are among the standard applications specific to the mobile toilet structure. Urinal, drain cleaning cistern and hand washing sink are one of these main applications. Another important standard is the special ventilation shaft for the mobile WC. This chimney was taken up from the building with the help of a pipe and assumed the role of a special ventilation grille. The special ventilation pipe helps to remove the unwanted odors that may occur in the toilet unit from the building in a short time. With this application, which has been tested, the interior of the toilet unit is provided with clean and natural air after each use. Now let's come to other accessory applications in the portable WC unit. The liquid soap dispenser was selected from the most widely used models and mounted next to the sink in the building. Toilet paper holder and towel holder are expertly installed in the most ergonomic usage area in the building, again in the comfort of your home. A clothes hanger behind the door is also among the details that should not be overlooked. Again, the mirror applied to the door from the inside was placed specifically for your personal care needs.

An important detail in the mobile toilet cabin is about the door of the building. The door, which has a special hinged spring hinge system, can be opened and closed in a practical way. The green and red stripe next to the door handle serves an important function. When the door is locked from the inside, the red filled color is placed in the square, while this color turns green when the door is unlocked. This feature brings ease of use for mobile WC cabin.

With portable toilet privilege, you can connect it to the network or use it from the store.

You can use the mobile WC product with the storage tanks located on the special structures in places where there are no clean and waste water networks. Mobile WC is ready for your use with 180 liters of clean water and 150 liters of waste water tank. The clean water tank can be supplemented with its special cover. The septic tank can be easily cleaned by vacuum method. It has long-lasting durability in both warehouses and is used safely for many years. Portable toilet inlets and drains can be easily connected in areas of use where water and sewerage mains are present.

Everywhere with the practicality of mobile toilet

Outdoor organizations, production facilities, picnic areas, recreational facilities, movie sets, festivals, beaches, construction sites Mobile toilet is everywhere in the flow of life. It can be moved without being deformed due to its impact resistance and is easily transported with its lightness. On the day of the event, dozens of products are lined up side by side within minutes and various types of mobile WCs are offered for use. Thousands of people come together in many outdoor organizations such as rallies, festivals, picnics, cultural and sports events. A practical mobile WC provides the best solution to the organization's very important toilet problem. Necessities are met with practical toilets and organizations are colored.

the polyethylene mobile toilet one of the preferred models in the areas as well as in the factory's production facilities. The best solution is brought to the problem for industrial facilities where WC area is not planned within the production area. The units, which take up very little space, are arranged side by side to easily meet the need for both toilet and shower. Both the toilet problem and the after-hours shower need of the workers working in the factory are solved permanently. Moreover, the cleaning of the units is very practical. Internal and external cleaning can be done very practically with pressurized water in places where there is mains water, and with a damp cloth in places where there is no water.

Mobile WC for a lifetime, not for a day

The mobile wc, which is produced entirely from polyethylene raw material, has the advantage of long-lasting use as well as mobile uses depending on a certain period. For mobile toilet needs, it can be put into service by changing its place without wearing out many times. It is used for years in fixed usage areas. Since it is produced from polyethylene raw material, there is no need for humid environment protection like other structures. Even if placed in water, it will not be deformed, moldy, rotten or damaged. There is no need to worry about its cleaning with water. There is no need for paint maintenance with the paint penetrating the building panels during production. It has been used safely for years.

What your garden needs is a portable toilet cabin

Prepare a portable toilet cabin for the use of your guests in your garden in your villas and detached houses. May you and your guests feel comfortable. Especially in summer use, mobile toilets provide great convenience for gardens. Both you and your guests do not have to go to the inside of the house in case of need.

100% fully environmentally friendly structure in the Polyethylene Mobile WC cabin

Karmod Polyethylene Mobil WC cabin is produced from UV stabilized, 100% fully recyclable linear low-density polyethylene raw material. LLDPE polyethylene raw material contributes to the sustainable environment with its fully recyclable feature. Choose the best, the most environmentally friendly, with its expert manufacturer, long-lasting quality superiority and its attractive mobile toilet prices.

Technical Specifications

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