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Plastic Cabin

What is Plastic Cabin?

Cabins produced with the use of polyester raw materials are also called Plastic Cabins. The Karmod plastic cabin model, produced with CTP technology, stands out with its innovative system. Expertly designed prefab concept construction system and long-lasting use have increased the interest in the cabin. Polyester is widely used for plastic cabin and in the guard cabin preferences.

The most important reason for this is that the structure has a ready-to-use system. The structure you purchased is delivered to you ready-made. Therefore, you can start using the plastic cabinet as soon as it is delivered to your door. Moreover, the electrical system assembled up to its fixtures can be put into operation immediately. With the plastic cabinet model, ready-to-use structures ranging from 3m2 to 50m2 are produced. Small size cabins are mostly preferred as security cabins, while large size buildings are used for office and buffet purposes.

Where is the Plastic Cabin used?

The choice of guardhouse is among the areas where the building model is most preferred. The biggest reason for this is the need for small-sized but ready-to-use buildings at security points. It is produced with the assurance of Karmod so that the plastic cabin construction process is not needed. You can take it into service as soon as it is delivered to you on the same day. In this respect, the security cabin provides a great advantage in meeting the building needs in newly opened security mission areas. Mission points can be prepared by placing dozens of structures at the same time in the areas where new security personnel should be placed. Again, urgently needed security structures in areas such as factories, production facilities and shopping centers can be met in a short time with plastic cabins.

One of the usage areas where the plastic cabin model is preferred is when a need for a buffet cabin gets on. In particular, it facilitates the goals of entrepreneurs who want to start earning by opening their businesses immediately. The use of buffet cabins is in demand by many different business and professional groups. In use, public bread sales cabins stand out one step further. One of the most important reasons for this situation is that the bread producer companies, which are subsidiaries of the municipality, want to increase their bread sales in this way. Plastic buffet cabins are especially preferred by municipalities that produce public bread with their ready concept, ease of presentation and hygienic environment. The bread sales cabinet specially designed and produced by Karmod for the sale of public bread is the most suitable cabinet model for sector use. The most preferred Karmod cabin size in bread sales is the polyester cabin with a size of 270x270 cm. There is a movable sales window in front of the building. Using this window, bread sales are carried out in an ergonomic way. Breads can be displayed on the special shelves located on the front and rear of the cabin according to their types. It has beautiful showcase presentation for the customers' choice. The rear and right outer panel of the cabin is planned for advertising use. Its smooth, glossy and smooth surface is highly suitable for digital advertising banner applications. In this part, municipalities generally change the advertisement of their new bakery product type.

Cafeteria or market preference is also among the usage areas where investors prefer plastic cabins. There is a prefab cabin model suitable for the cafeteria on it. Here, the quality of the place where the cabin will be placed, together with the variety of services to be offered, determines the choice. There are plastic buffet cabin models in standard sizes ranging from 17 to 48 m2. Buffet cabins can be put into service immediately by placing them in front of shopping malls, streets and squares, mass housing areas or industrial zones. According to the service delivery, doner seller, kokorec and hamburger seller, toaster can be placed in the buffet cabin together with the tea stove. With good planning, the cafeteria or restaurant can be put into service on the day the cabin is shipped. Delicious flavors meet with customers, and investors begin to reap the rewards of their efforts immediately.

Market use is another preferred area of ​​the buffet cabin. Apart from this, it is also preferred as a sales office. Tailor, greengrocer, headman's office, shoe store is among the areas where polyester cabin is preferred. Prefab toilet and WC units are produced as standard with the plastic cabin model. As you can see, the plastic cabin model has many uses. In countries with hot climates such as Saudi Arabia and Qatar, polyester cabins are also used for residential purposes.

What are the prices of Plastic Cabinets?

First of all, the ready concept presentation of the building is a great advantage. By choosing the building model when you need a closed structure, you will avoid spending time and budget for the construction phase processes. Plastic cabin prices are always very attractive with its ready-to-use presentation that does not require mastery. Since the production is carried out in modern facilities with the use of full material without wastage, Karmod plastic cabin prices are very affordable. Avoid paying for construction processes and different craftsmen by choosing the prefab model. Get your cabin right away, start using it immediately and earn by clicking the button.

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