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Luxury Cabins

The streets and squares of the city meet with luxury cabins, come alive and gain color. With the luxurious cabin that is compatible with the bustling rhythm of the city, shopping is both easier and livelier. From 150x150 to 300x700 dimensions, Karmod Metropol Cabin is special for your selection. With the prefab cabin concept in the best harmony with modern architecture, it adds aesthetics and adds value to the place where it is placed.

Streets and squares are colored with Luxury Cabins.

From security to buffet, cafe to restaurant, information cabin to sales office, the luxury cabin is everywhere to make life easier in every moment of modern life. You will see it most of the time in the square or at the busiest point of the street, sometimes in the neighborhood's headman's office or in the family health center. The most comfortable service is offered to you there, cold and hot drinks are prepared there, and the delicious smell of doner kebab spreads from there too. How can we explain the Karmod Metropol luxury cabin to you? You may not be aware of it, but you know it very well with its services and flavors.

When you say, “Stop, let's call a taxi…”, the taxi driver immediately rushes to your service, leaving the brewed tea and deep conversation in it. As soon as you drop you off at your destination, the taxi driver returns to the luxury taxi stand office. Because they know the happiness created by the comfort of your home can be felt in the Karmod cabin.

The perception of the Guard cabin changes with the Luxury Cabin

Karmod Metropol Cabin has changed the perception of security. Aesthetic design, long-lasting, insulated building comfort, compatible with modern architecture, befitting security personnel has arrived. In different parts of our country, public and private security guards experience the comfort of the Karmod security cabin with its elegance and comfort. With its long night, it finds the comfort of working in the warm environment of the luxury guard hut on the coldest days of winter. Sipping hot tea in the cool interior atmosphere of the cabin during the long hot days of summer gives them a special pleasure.

A 150x150 security luxury cabin provides functional interior comfort to single security personnel even in the narrowest spaces. Even in small dimensions, the environment that gives Karmod structures the inner comfort provided by the detailed solution is immediately noticed. The 300x400 Metropol guardhouse has the best comfort of use for protection areas with two to four personnel.

The highest insulation is in Metropol Luxury Cabins

Metropol luxury cabin has the best insulation performance with its wall and roof insulation applications and preferences such as special windows along with building security. Karmod Metropol, which is supported by metal profiles from wall to roof, provides continuous gain with the energy savings provided by the superiority of insulation. In the wall application, insulation material of special thickness is placed between the metal carcass and the direction is closed with special plates for the structure. On the roof, a glass wool mattress with a thickness of 80 mm is applied as standard in every luxury office cabin model. With special roof sealing applications, the insulation on the roof of the building integrates with the walls. In the window system of the Metropol office, PVC windows, which are the most preferred in modern architecture with their long life durability are used. First quality windows are brought together with double double glazing, ensuring the full contribution of the window to the insulation. With the best insulation of the roof, walls and windows, Karmod luxury office cabin provides very high energy savings compared to its counterparts. With this superiority, Metropol cabin minimizes the air-conditioning costs as the offices use them. The Karmod office cabin, which saves money from energy use every month, saves as you use it.

Karmod cabins, whose insulated windows are preferred for large wing openings, prepare a bright interior for daytime use. Since it provides lighting without the need for electrical fixtures during the day, it also saves your money in this aspect.

Karmod Metropol security cabins are preferred in many areas, especially police, gendarmerie and municipal police checkpoints, with their many outstanding advantages. Karmod cabin is the most preferred brand in many areas such as embassies, consulates, palaces of justice, administration buildings, shopping centers, industrial facilities, etc.

The elegance of Metropol suits the sales offices of brand projects

Turkey's branded residence and office projects, which stand out with their size, prefer Karmod Metropol luxury office buildings for their sales offices. Branded projects get rid of dealing with the construction processes for the sales office, and they get ready-made luxury sales office structures in a short time. With its prefabricated concept and luxury office model, Karmod Metropol prepares privileged spaces for conscious investors. The standard 300x700 building is shipped with a single vehicle and is immediately available for use. Single and two-storey office models of larger sizes are produced with a combined system and put into service in a short time by Karmod experts.

Branded projects start selling from the ground by placing sales teams in prefab luxury sales offices. It facilitates the launch with its catalogs by placing project mock-ups in the office hall. With its modern kitchen, executive and study rooms, sales offices become luxurious offices. When the project is completed, the Karmod serviced office can be removed from the special lifting eye bolts and used in different project areas many times.

Wherever you open your restaurant, there is the luxury cabin

The Metropol luxury cabin, along with buffets which makes it easy to open cafes and restaurants with its large-sized models, offers the operators the opportunity to earn immediately. With the Metropol cabin with its ready-to-use concept, it is possible to open restaurants with large customer lounges wherever you want. Moreover, you can start using it the day it is shipped. In addition to the 3x7 standard size, larger prefab buildings are prepared with combined production and offered to cafes and restaurants.

Open your Karmod Metropol business as your own property, not for rent. Prepare your team on the day your building is shipped, and bring together delicious food lovers. Own your own property without paying rent, allocating very high building budgets, and most importantly, without dealing with the construction process and craftsmen.

Luxury safety cabin to high-risk areas

The production can be carried out in the Karmod Metropol security armored cabin model, which is special for regions with high security risks, especially terrorist threats. The special security structure, prepared in the luxury cabin concept, has security equipment together with its elegance. The bulletproof armored cabin, which was developed in Karmod R&D department after undergoing special security tests, plays an important role in meeting the needs in this area. It is among the Karmod structures that are exported abroad with a production model specific to the defense industry, along with domestic demands. The bulletproof armored cabin is used by the gendarmerie and the police, especially at the security application points, in border regions and in risky terrorist areas. Embassy and consulate duty areas are among the areas where this special luxury cabin model is used. High-level public service building security such as ministries and security points such as the holding center are the places where this private cabin is preferred.

BR7 provides a safe working environment for personnel using armored cabins that have undergone special security tests against bulletproof armor-piercing bullets. The walls and roof of the building are produced entirely in BR7 level security cabin class. The windows with wide viewing angles in three directions of the armored guard post are also completely bulletproof. EN 1063 BR7 NS class bulletproof glass approved by the internationally accredited laboratory TÜV Rheinland is used in the window glass. The shot grilles placed on the window glasses in three directions are self-closing with an automatic mechanism.

The door of the armored cabin is also specially produced and has the same protection. The special bulletproof sight glass on the door provides security for observation in four directions. Dangers approaching the duty area are instantly noticed and an alarm system is placed on the structure in order to avoid the danger without attack. In the event of an attack, the system can be activated instantly with the button inside. Night surveillance is made easier and safer with the special projector that can be placed on the building. The alarm and projector system provides extra deterrence from possible attacks.