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Manchester United roller Shutter Stores

Karmod 24.11.2022

Today We are at Old Trafford stadium 

Karmod Cabin continues to be the choice of giant brands with its leadership in the sector. English giant Manchester United, one of the world's leading football clubs, chose Karmod for its ticket sales and branded product store sales. 12 sales cabins produced within the scope of the project were placed around the Club's Old Trafford stadium. In the buildings where 215x215 and 215x270 cabin models are used, branded products are exhibited along with combined card and ticket sales from the cabin.

The CPT polyester cabin model was used in ticket and corporate product sales structures of the Manchester United club. In addition to its long-lasting use and insulation advantages, Karmod CPT cabin stands out with their models suitable for corporate concept applications. The outside of the structure can be painted in corporative colors, or it can be easily brought into a corporate identity by applying digital foil coating layers. All 12 products produced for this project were prepared with special applications for the corporate identity of the Manchester United football club. After the digital applications, the cabins became a part of the corporate identity and integrated with the stadium. They were shipped ready for use and put into service on the same day.

Karmod Cabin, the best choice 

A special shelf application was applied to the interior panels of the cabin to display branded products such as jerseys, scarves and berets. The Corporate products easily meet the fans through the movable sales glass on the front window. In order to facilitate closing after service, special roller shutters were applied to the buildings.

The CPT polyester cabin integrates with modern architecture wherever it is placed with its exterior aesthetics. With its special strength panels that take up very little space, it contributes to the preparation of spacious environments even in the smallest buildings. For many years, the paint maintains as its first day's vitality without the need for maintenance. With its superior insulation, it provides ease of air conditioning in all hot or cold usage areas. Air conditioning is carried out easily with the least green energy use.

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