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Karmod Armored security cabin in Peru

Karmod 24.11.2022

Leading the innovations with its leadership in the sector and its expertise since 1986, Karmod has exported bulletproof armored security cabins. Karmod bulletproof armored hut was exported to Peru a country of South American.

Karmod armored security cabin the special cabin, which provides full protection against BR7 class armor-piercing bullets, will be used at the police security point in Lima the capital city. The armored cabin, developed and produced in Karmod R&D, has the full protection standard in the specified class. The building has a design that will add quality to the place where it is placed with its external appearance. Two police officers will be able to work at the same time in the specially produced 200x300 bulletproof cabin. Bulletproof armor steel is used in the wall and roof system of the armored hut. Armor steel has successfully passed the tests carried out at the R&D stage.

Special bulletproof glasses were used on the three sides of the bulletproof cabin, providing full ergonomic surveillance while standing or sitting. Bulletproof armor steel was also used in the entire body of the steel door system behind the building. A bulletproof window was placed on the door, which provides the advantage of watching from behind when necessary. All of the windows have passed special tests successfully and quality controls have been meticulously carried out at every stage of production.

A special firing grating was placed on the windows located in three directions of the cabin. In order to respond in threat situations, this bulletproof porthole can be opened manually and shot in a practical way. It automatically turns itself off when the barrel is pulled after shooting.

Special bulletproof vents were placed on the upper parts of the armored cabin in three directions. In any case, cabin ventilation is easily provided from here. A special lighting projector has been placed on the front of the building and night security scans can be done easily when necessary. A siren has been placed on the cabin to be used in intrusion alarm situations. This siren can be controlled from the special panel inside the building.

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