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UN Peacekeeping Cabin Military Camp Project

Karmod 17.11.2022

We set up a military camp in Nigeria for the UN Peacekeeping Force

Karmod cabin continues to be preferred in different usage areas. We established a military camp for the UN Peacekeeping Force within the United Nations (UN), one of the world's largest participating international organizations. Cabin military camp structures, specially prepared for the use of the UN Peacekeeping Force, were installed in Abuja, the capital of Nigeria, one of the West African countries.

Within the scope of the project, in which the wide cabin model in the size of 390x1110 was used, 18 separate buildings, each of 43m2 were produced. The structures, which were pre-manufactured with a demountable modular system in Karmod's modern cabin production facilities, were delivered to the port of Lagos by sea container transportation. The structures, then were transported from Lagos to the project area in Abuja by road, started to be installed on the same day by the Karmod teams there. The cabins, which were installed entirely with construction materials from Turkey, were put into use by the UN Peacekeeping Force in as short period of time of 28 days.

Camping Cabin Installation

The total size of the military camp, which was built with the CPT polyester cabin model, is a 774m2 building and will be used by the UN Peacekeeping Force for at least ten years. Karmod buildings are produced in modern facilities on a technological tape line specially designed for cabin production. Our buildings, which have a fully demountable modular cabin system, can be easily transported to any region of the world under all kinds of transportation conditions. It is made ready for use with installation in a short time by Karmod teams without the need for other building materials. With standardized wall and roof panels, our cabin structures can be quickly installed at the place of use with a team of only two people. With the practical construction model at the installation site, there is no need for tools such as cranes. With this advantage, it provides ease of installation in difficult field conditions.

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