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Disable Wc Cabin

The WC cabin for the disabled keeps you alive

Maybe we are not aware of it, but we have many disabled brothers and sisters in our life. Our disabled citizens have to struggle with many negativities in the busy flow of life. Responsible social awareness makes it necessary to understand our disabled brothers and sisters and to bring special solutions to their needs. Perhaps one of the most important of these needs is the need for a disabled WC cabin. Toilets are a big problem for the disabled in many areas such as roads, parks and gardens, picnic areas, social facilities and schools. A full solution to the problem can be achieved by placing the disabled WC cabins in these areas. Special toilets for the disabled are prepared with practical toilet cabins, making it easier for them to hold on to life.

The interior floor has been decorated by taking precautions to prevent accidents caused by slipping. The same application is carried out on the floors of the disabled bathroom cabins. It is prepared to a standard that the wheelchair can safely approach the unit and the sink indoors.

Devices that facilitate the use of the WC cabin for disabled people

Let us emphasize again that Karmod disabled WC cabin models are a special structure system for disabled use with their special ramp, wide door and interior comfort. There are materials and apparatus with internationally determined standards in the disabled toilet cabin. These special apparatuses provide ease of use for our disabled citizens. With its ease of use, it almost removes the obstacle, albeit temporarily. All of these materials are aimed at facilitating the use of WC and bathroom for the disabled person and have been successfully applied to the buildings with Karmod's expertise.

In particular, the handicapped toilet seat in the disabled WC cabin, washbasin, basin mixer, bath mixer, toilet paper holder was preferred among the special productions for the use of the disabled.

Articulated handle; It is usually a D-shaped handle. It facilitates the process of getting off the wheeled vehicle, sitting on and getting up from the unit. It is movable and helps movements in different directions by being turned and adjusted with its latch. Articulated handle is one of the simple but functionally important apparatus in the disabled WC cabin.

L Type Wc grab bar; It got this name because it was prepared in an L shape. In general, it is mounted next to the toilet unit, helping the disabled to sit and stand on the unit. L-type grab bar is the important standard equipment of the disabled WC cabin.

Supported handicap handle; By being mounted on both the wall and the floor, it basically helps to balance the movements in the use of the disabled.

Angled handle; Mounts to the wall at an angle with an area to hold hands. It provides ease of support when getting up from the unit.

Straight handle; It is a handle that resembles a door handle. It is one of the functional apparatus in the disabled WC cabin.

Corner handle; It has a curved structure. In general, it is mounted on corner joints from three points.

Movable handicapped mirror; It is specially produced for disabled use and can be used by moving it in all directions with its special apparatus. It offers functional use with its practical movement.The handles used in all disabled WC cabin models are produced from metal materials with a stainless quality body structure. It has a comfortable grip and holding feature.