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We established a Bazaar in Sudan with our cabins

Karmod 24.11.2022

One of the most preferred usage areas of Karmod Cabins is sales kiosks. We established a shopping arcade with our 270x270 buffet cabin in Khartoum, the capital of Sudan. 20 buildings were put into service in one of the busy central squares of the city. Different products sold in 20 different shops prepared in this beautiful bazaar meet the people of Khartoum every day. The bazaar, which is set up in an open area, resembles a market place with its shopping liveliness.

20 Shops created in just 5 days

All of the shops in the bazaar, which is one of the new haunts of the city, were installed and put into use in just 5 days. While the installation continued, tradesmen began to settle in the shops where the installation was completed.

There are different structures in the sales kiosk, starting from 270x270 dimensions and reaching 50m2. Buffet cabins are easily shipped by being prepared as demounted with the advantage of the modular cabin system in international requests. The buildings that reach the place of use are easily assembled by Karmod teams or local installation teams and made ready. Since all materials are shipped ready during installation, no other building materials are needed.

Karmod buffet cabin has advantages with its long-lasting practical construction model. First of all, the modular cabin can be easily transported. Its location and location can be changed when necessary. With its modern body, it takes up very little space wherever it is placed. The cabins, the interiors of which are specially planned, have maximum spacious environments in every dimension. The movable glass in the window on the front glass of the buffet makes selling very easy. It is very convenient to open and close. With its superior insulation, it prepares cool indoor environments in hot climate uses. It warms up very easily in climatic regions with the coldest weather.

Cabin shops have features suitable for many different occupations such as market, cafeteria, newsstand, bread sales kiosk, spice seller, greengrocer, tailor.

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