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Karmod security cabin for Nigeria Police

Karmod 24.11.2022

Karmod buildings, which are used as security cabins in many countries of the world, are now preferred by the Nigerian Police. 12 different watch cabins produced within the scope of the project were sent to Nigeria. The cabins started to be used at 12 separate police security checkpoints created by the country's police force in the capital, Abuja.

Security cabins have also been placed at the Nigeria Police Force headquarters. The police who will carry out the security protection of the center are assigned to these cabins. The structures in which the modular polyester cabin model is used were pre-production with CPT technology at Karmod's modern facilities. Two different sizes were preferred in the security cabins to be used by the Nigerian police. 270x270 security cabins were placed in the busy squares of the city together with the headquarters. The other sized 150x215 guard boxes will be used in the suburbs of Abuja.

Guard huts, produced in prefab concept with polyester cabin model, are the most preferred building model in security areas. The wall and roof panels of the Karmod security cabins are produced with moderns and even high insulation. In the production, which is carried out using special molds, glass fiber is laid, which gives strength to the panels, together with polyester and gelcoat. Panel insulation is increased by injecting full-density polyurethane material between the panels with automation processes. The panels are subjected to heat treatment in the furnace system specially prepared for the building model, thereby increasing their strength. In this special furnace unique to Karmod, the raw material reactions are reset and the cabin panel strength is optimized.

The polyester cabin, in which prefab buildings of nearly thirty different sizes are produced, stands out with its interior comfort as well as its exterior aesthetics. Its wide-angle windows in three directions offer surveillance and viewing comfort at security points.

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