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The ticket sales cabin of Karmod for the European leader Flixbus Bus company

Karmod 24.11.2022

Karmod cabin has become the choice of Flixbus, Europe's leading brand in passenger transportation. The cabin, which we have specially produced for Flixbus, will be used at the ticket sales point of the company that carries passengers by bus across Europe. Within the scope of the project, where the 215x270 cm buffet cabin was preferred, the first product was placed in a square in Paris, the capital of France. The ticket sales cabin, whose visibility was increased by being covered with the corporate concept of the company, was put into service on the same day.

The ticket sales cabin, produced with the CTP polyester cabin model, will create a new experience in service to Flixbus' customers. The company, which organizes routes to 1000 different destinations in 20 different European countries, aims to reach its customers easily in every medium. The Karmod cabin, which is compatible with modern city architecture and facilitates corporate identity applications, will also facilitate the transportation of Flixbus to its customers. With its practical construction model that takes up minimal space, the Karmod cabin can be easily placed anywhere on city squares and streets. When desired, the service location can be changed with the ease provided by the mobile feature.

The exterior of this special ticket sales cabin prepared for the company was completely covered with the corporate identity of Flixbus. With this aspect, Karmod cabin will also serve as an advertising medium for the brand. Opening and closing the ticket sales cabin is also very practical. A shutter system was applied to the front main sales window and the windows on the two sides of the building. With these shutters, which work with a shock absorber system, the opening and closing of the buffet is carried out safely and practically. Forklift transport apparatus has also been placed in the special lower part of the cabin. With the help of this apparatus, the structure can be easily transferred to different sales points when desired.

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